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Tue Feb 15, 2005 9pm - midnight 
Cline, Nels SingersSomething About David H.
Giant Pin, the / Cryptogramophone
Memories of UnderdevelopmentWhere the Animus Belongs
Throat of a Black Kitten / Menlo Park Recordings
Memories of UnderdevelopmentMumbling the Pros ((In) Drin
Throat of a Black Kitten / Menlo Park Recordings
Memories of UnderdevelopmentTwo Rows of Teeth
Throat of a Black Kitten / Menlo Park Recordings
Gary Wilson6.4 = Make Out (O.G. 1976 Ve
Mary Had Brown Hair / Stones Throw
CanYoo Doo RightMonster Movie / Spoon
the Geraldine FibbersYou Doo RightButch / Virgin Records (Modern)
the Dead ScienceOssuary
Bird Bones in the Bughouse / Absolutely Kosher Records
Cryptooology / Skin Graft Records
AgataVertigo (Rectihead)
Spike / <No Label Info>
AgataSwitch Life
Spike / <No Label Info>
GongSqueezing SpongesJazzactuel / Charly Records Ltd.
LandingFluency of Colors
Sphere / Secretly Canadian Records
the MicrophonesSolar System
Mount Eerie / K Records
Guided By VoicesSleep Over JackHalf Smiles of the Decomposed / Matador Records
LowOn the Edge of
Great Destroyer, the / Sub Pop Records
Magnolia Electric Co.Such Pretty Eyes for a Snake
Trials & Errors / Secretly Canadian Records
Songs:OhiaTwo Blue Lights
Didn't It Rain / Secretly Canadian Records
Frog EyesBells in the Crooked PortNo Tsuris / Absolutely Kosher Records
JandekThe Electric EndLost Cause / Corwood Industries
Dion McgregorThe Scavenger Hunt
More Outrageous Recordings of / Torpor Vigil Industries
Anthony Braxton & Derek BaileArea 1First Duo Concert (London 1974 / Emanem
Jackie O' MotherfuckerExtension
Wow/The Magic Fire Music / Atp Recordings
Kaiser, Henry/Wadada Leo SmithGo Ahead John
Upriver / Cuneiform Records