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Fri Jul 19, 2002 fri 3-6 p.m. 
Carter, JohnConversationsCastles of Ghana /
Jacob Fred Jazz OdysseyGrub Ridge StompAll Is One - Live in New York /
Wolfarth, Christian/Donat FiscRumba
Circle and Line /
Trio 35-4-3-2
Open Ideas /
Simmons, Sonny TrioCosmic ShipLive - in Paris /
Theo BleckmannAlloy
Origami /
Parker, William Clarinet TrioOvercoat in the RiverBob's Pink Cadillac /
Black, Jim/Alas no AxisCheepa Vs. Cheep
Splay /
Octopus Off-Broadway /
Wayne HorvitzThe Beautiful Number 3
Sweeter than the Day /
Zingaro/Leandre/TramontanaBroken Strings and Falling Hair
Chicken Check in Complex, the /
the NubandCourt StreetLive at the Bop Shop /
Charles Curtisa [excerpt; also played during the next track]Ultra White Violet Light/Sleep /
Favre, Pierre/Michel GodardDeux-PrimoDeux /
Charles Curtisa [further excerpt]Ultra White Violet Light/Sleep /
Moye, Famoudou Don/Tatsu AokiAfro Asian Reflections [excerpt]A Symphony of Cities /
Clarinet Trio TwoDer Ton aTranslucent Tones /
Acid Mothers Temple and the MeIn DIn C /
Clarinet Trio TwoDer Ton A [played over "In D"]Translucent Tones /
Terry RileyIn C [played over "In D" and "Der Ton A"]Terry Riley Inc /
Tim BerneHuevos
Science Friction /
Find /
Lemon Juice QuartetHungarian Peasant Song No. 3
Peasant Songs /
School DaysAnother DoubleIn Our Times /
AlohaBalling PhaseSugar /