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Thu Mar 17, 2005 9am - noon 
PalinckxIntroductionBorder - Live in Zurich / Intakt Records
PalinckxLemmy 1Border - Live in Zurich / Intakt Records
PainkillerScud AttackGuts of a Virgin / Earache
Volodya StoqnovNazad Nazad Mome KalinoMakedonski Pesni 2 / --
PainkillerHandjobGuts of a Virgin / Earache
UpsurtPopFolkPopFolk / Free Agents
Cmotan MC & SenseiKa6e Gramaj (Filthy Riddim)- / white label
the Bug Ft. Daddy FreddyPoliticians & PaedophilesOpen Up and Say... @<% / Tigerbeat 6
Flesh of My FleshMarianFirst and Last and Forever / Cleopatra Records
UpsurtMorePopFolk / Free Agents
SeeedDancehall Caballeros (Radio Version)Dancehall Caballeros EP / BMG
Rumyneca i EnchevPraseta2 / Select Music
LaibachWirtschaft Ist Tot (Late Night Mix)Wirtschaft Ist Tot EP / MUTE
Echo ParkNeedledElectro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
Saw ToothWhite Water - D,MixedElectro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
th Little Computer People ProLittle Computer PeopleElectro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
Goldenboy W/ Miss KittinRippin Kittin
Electro Nouveau / Moonshine Music
DJ GraemeIllectro CityIllectro City Mix / White Label
Third Electric1.9.8.3.Electro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
Third ElectricSchwebebahnElectro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
DJ GraemeIllectro CityIllectro City Mix / White Label
Octagon ManViddElectro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
ScornThe EndElectro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
Chris LiberatorDo you feel lucky?Liberator DJ Mix / White Label
Phallus Uber AllesWhorecore
Iron Woman / Fatal Recordings
SkimallI Want to Get a Tatoo of a
Ye Olde Barn / Addict Records
Phallus Uber AllesAuto-Femme Radio Spot/Hey Bi
Iron Woman / Fatal Recordings
HecateRipe Mango
Ye Olde Barn / Addict Records
[coll]: Entartete KunstPtingla (Viewing the Venus Hottentot in the midst of the wealthy)Entartete Kunst / Entarte Kunst
Massive Attack (soundtrack)Simple Rules
Danny the Dog / Virgin Records America
BazookaEvil EmpireThe Best of Hardcore / ZYX
--Perelik- / --
Suburban HellHaze(L)Electro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
Digital Underground VoxTcs Team (from 16:20 on)
Fabric 17: Akufen / Fabric
New LogicRithma (cont. f. above)
Fabric 17: Akufen / Fabric
Get It RightSoulphiction (cont. f. above)
Fabric 17: Akufen / Fabric
Octagon ManFree-Er than FreeElectro Boogie, Depth / Studio K7
Ulrich SchnaussMonday - Paracetamol
A Strangely Isolated Place / City Centre Offices
Gnayse / Skam
PigfaceBitch (Defrag's Extraordinary Skipping Glitch Mix)
Head... / Underground Inc
Thievery CorporationWarning Shots
Cosmic Game, the / Esl Music