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Fri Apr 01, 2005 midnight - 3am 
Sigur RosRukrymVon / One Little Indian
the Brian Jonestown MassacreOpen Heart Surgery
Tepid Peppermint Wonderland / Tee Pee Records
Black MountainHeart of Snow
Black Mountain / Secretly Canadian Records
TristezaWhen We GlowSpine and Sensory / Mokoto Recordings
My Morning JacketGolden
Acoustic Citsuoga Live! / Rca Records (Local)
Early Day MinersThe Purest Red
All Harm Ends Here / Secretly Canadian Records
Swearing at MotoristsThe Real Thing
This Flag Signals Goodbye / Secretly Canadian Records
the Dying CalifornianThat Awkward Stare
Dying Californian, the / Turn Records
Greater CaliforniaDriving the 1Little Pacific, the / Subtitled Audio
We Versus the SharkYou Don't Have to Kick It
Ruin Everything! / Hello Sir Records
the DishesPink Stucco Bungalow1-2 / No. 89 Records
Erect the Youth Problem / Cold Sweat Records
400 BlowsThe Ugly Are So Beautiful
Black Rainbow / Rehash Records
Lightning BoltDracula MountainWonderful Rainbow / Load Records
TP01 / <No Label Info>
Ex ModelsKool Killer
Zoo Psychology / Frenchkiss Records
PavementShady Lane (Kross Fader)Shady Lane / Matador Records
Yo La TengoSugarcubeI Can Hear the Heart Beating / Matador Records
Guided By VoicesTractor Rape ChainBee Thousand / Matador Records
SuperchunkYeah, It's Beautiful Here toHere's Where the Strings Come / Merge Records
Bakesale / Sub Pop Records
Beat HappeningThe this Many Boyfriends CluJamboree / Sub Pop Records
I Am the Machine VOL1. / Self Release
the Icy DemonsDesert Tool/Spririt GuideFight Back! / Cloud Recordings
Machine Go BoomThe Song Is a SecretThank You Captain Obvious / Collectible Escalators
SchoonerTrains and Parades
You Forget About Your Heart / Pox World Empire
My Robot FriendWhy Won't You Call Me
Hot Action! / Proptronix
CharacterDie in a Woman's Lap
We also Create False Promises / Fictitious Records
Master of Pigeons / Menlo Park Recordings
Danielson FamileCan We Camp at Your FeetFetch the Compass Kids / Secretly Canadian Records
Ariels Pinks HauntedWant Me
Homemade Hits, V.1 / Kittridge Records Usa
KptmichiganThe Pulse Has Dropped
Kptmichigan / Aesthetics
Memories of UnderdevelopmentArse Over It
Throat of a Black Kitten / Menlo Park Recordings
the MattoidJoy
Eterninfinity / Cleft
Grand NationalPeanut Dreams
Kicking the National Habit / Sunday Best Recordings
Iron & WineJezebel
Woman King / Sub Pop Records
Don CaballeroLucky Father BrownSingles Breaking Up VOL.1 / Touch and Go
Shipping NewsWe Start to Drift
Three-Four / Quarterstick Records
WireNice Streets AboveSend / Revolver
OvipositorRed Crust
Cease the Day! / Arbeit Macht Dinge Record