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Fri Jul 26, 2002 fri 3-6 p.m. 
Simmons, Sonny TrioMy Favorite ThingsLive - in Paris /
Noah HowardKentuckyAt Documenta Ix /
Brown, Guillermo E.Das Funken
Soul at the Hands of the Mache /
Wayne HorvitzJulian's Ballad
Sweeter than the Day /
Find /
TelevisionMarquee Moon
Marquee Moon /
Marcus, Mitch QuintetEntropiousEntropious /
Marcus, Mitch Quintet2 CC'sEntropious /
MoodfoodThe AntipastoMoodfood /
Marcus, Mitch QuintetRunning Down AshbyEntropious /
Black, Jim/Alas no AxisBle
Splay /
Brotzmann, Peter TrioFor Adolphe Sax [excerpt]For Adolphe Sax /
Sylvian, David/Robert FrippGods Monkey
Damage /
De Forest, CarmaigHenry & JasonEl Camino Real /
Favre, Pierre/Michel GodardPierreDeux /
Newton, Lauren/Patrick ScheydeLied for Mouth 1Lightness of Hearing, the /
Theo BleckmannOrigami
Origami /
Tim BerneThe Mallomar Maneuvre
Science Friction /
Henderson, JoePunjabIn 'n' Out /
Aaly Trio/Dkv TrioLeft to RightDouble or Nothing /
Rumah SakitNew Underwear Dance
Obscured By Clowns /
Goodhart Allen Powell TrioWaiting for Our Careers to Take OffI Can Climb a Tree ... /
Sticks and StonesSons of SlavesSticks and Stones /
De Forest, Carmaig's DeathgrooI Can't Get Used to ItCarmaig De Forest's Deathgroov /
De Forest, CarmaigColdwater ParkEl Camino Real /
Sonic YouthRain on TinMurray Street /
Vida BlueElectra Glide
Vida Blue /
Chris BowdenOnly AngstSlightly Askew /