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Thu Apr 28, 2005 9pm - midnight 
Agent OrangeBloodstainsLiving In Darkness / Posh Boy
Wimpy DicksKing George
3 Shades of Patriotism / Bopp N Skin Records
7 SecondsOne Friend Too Many
Take It Back, Take It On, Take / Side One Dummy
EarthLiving in the Gleam of An Un
Living in the Gleam of An Unsh / Megablade
CorruptedEstar En Visperas De UltimoCorrupted/ Noothgrush / Reservoir Records
HellhammerSatanic RitesSatanic Rites / Necromaniac Union
Napalm DeathUnchallenged HateFrom Enslavement to Obliterati / Earache
BaronessTower Falls
First / Hyperrealist
Kalmex and the RiffmerchantsThe Last Straw
Live on Kzsu Stanford 90.1 Fm / West Bay Coalition
EnslavedLunar Force
Isa / Candlelight Records
DraugarWarrior Without War
Weathering the Curse / Moribund Records
BloodbathBleeding Death (Demo)
Nightmares Made Flesh / Century Media
Death After Life / Century Media
Chokin on Gummi WormsS.H.A.T.Starcleaner.Com Comp. / Starcleaner.Com
Angelic UpstartsThe Sun Never SetsThe EMI Punk Years / Captain Oi!
Comeback KidTalk Is Cheap
Wake the Dead / Victory Records
Kill Your IdolsStuck in a Rut
From Companionship to Competi / Side One Dummy
Peyote CalamityRhizomes
PeÚ / None
MaroonHuman Waste
Endorsed By Hate / Abacus Recordings
RectifyStill BelieveCOLL: For The Sake Of Dedication / Crucial Response
Plauged With RageWhere Are You Now?COLL: For The Sake Of Dedication / Crucial Response
Sonic YouthSu NiojCOLL: D K Pulser Magazine / D K Pulser
Running WildWalpurgis NightThe Gates Of Purgatory / Noise
IowaskaModranichtVine Of Souls / Alternative Tentacles
Judas Priest (What Were They Thinking? Pick for 4/28)Locked In vs. Rapid FireTurbo vs. British Steel / Columbia
CommonwealthHow Does It FeelDrogues, The/Commonwea / Arbeit Macht Dinge Record
Indust Bag100 dbCOLL: Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia / Redrum
Lublanska PSITV (Ecerna revolucija)COLL: Bloodstains Across Yugoslavia / Redrum
Riot SquadSecurity SystemCOLL: Bloodstains Across The World / Redrum
No Means NoThe Day Everything Became NothingThe Day Everything Became Nothing / Alternative Tentacles
StikkyCoffee AchieversCOLL: Beautiful Happiness / Shigaku
Terveet KadeetUtopiaCOLL: Killed BY Hardcore #2 / Redrum
Dillinger FourNo Pain, No GainCO:LL:: No Sleep 'Til Hardcore / Suburban Voice
Vitamin XPoiltical PrisonersCOLL: No sleep Til hardcore / Suburban Voice
Esoteric (UK)`BereftEpistemological Despondency / Aesethic Death