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Thu Aug 02, 2001 3-6pm 
LoopdropTricicloLoopdrop /
AirElectronic Performers10,000 Hz Legend /
Sigur RósDánarfregnir og JarðafarirEnglar Alheimsins sdtk /
the MoonlightersBlue & Black EyedTape Op /
Iris DementPretty SaroSongcatcher /
Maria Kalaneimi & Sven AhlbacAlliAirbow /
GermarnaVenegeanceStuck on Am 3 /
Suns of the SleeplessTausend Kalte WinterTausend Kalte Winter /
Toy WarDestroyToy War.Com Soundtrack /
Techno AnimalCity of GlassDead Man's Curse /
SmershArmored Man DubEmanuelle Goes to Bangkok /
Cable RegimeAssimilate and DestroyLife in the House of the Enemy /
BorisAbsolutegoBoris /
Thinking Fellers Union Local 2He Keeps Himself FedBob Dinners and Larry Noodles /
Head and LegThe Hits Keep Comin'In Your Dreams /
BabylandRamona MoragaA Total Let-Down /
the AvalanchesFrontier PsychiatristSince I Left You /
Ex-GirlWaving ScientistBack to the Mono Kero! /
Rene Lussier and Pierre TanguSalade Du ChefChante! 1985-2000 /
the ExTime FliesDizzy Spells /
GuapoEl TopoGreat Sage, Equal of Heaven /
OoiooBe Sure to LoopFeather Float /
Le TigreSweetieCalling All Kings & Qu /
the RondellesSix O'clockShined Nickels and Loose Chang /
the VoltsScandalHot Town-Pigs in the Street /
the MakersPantsPsychopathia Sexualis /
the GossipJailbreakThat's not What I Heard /
the White StripesThe Union ForeverWhite Blood Cells /
AnasarcaStationary PeopleDiscography 1994-1997 /