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Thu May 05, 2005 noon - 3pm 
EvergreyWhen the Walls Go DownThe Inner Circle /
Demons & WizardsLove's Tragedy AsunderTouched by the Crimson King /
My Dying BrideThe Songless BirdSear Me /
SepulturaKamaitachiAgainst / Roadrunner Records
ArcturusFor To End Yet AgainThe Sham Mirrors /
ExtolPearlThe Blueprint Dives / Century Media
Mournful CongregationWhen the Weeping Dawn Beheld Its Mortal ThirstThe Monad of Creation /
AgallochThe Lodge (Dismantled)The Grey EP /
NestCall of the WildWoodsmoke /
Life of AgonyLove to Let You DownBroken Valley /
RammsteinDalai LamaReise, Reise /
KaipaThe DodgerMindrevolution /
Little AtlasHomeWanderlust /
Isa / Candlelight Records
Demons & WizardsCrimson KingTouched by the Crimson King /
KylesaWelcome Mat to An Abandoned
To Walk a Middle Course / Prosthetic Records
Epoch of UnlightArgentum Era Secui DosThe Continuum Hypothesis / The End Records
Strapping Young LadLove?Alien /
BehemothThe Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor
Demigod / Olympic Recordings
ImpiousBloodspill Revelation
Hellucinate / Metal Blade
MaroonWithout a Face
Endorsed By Hate / Abacus Recordings
the HauntedDownward Spiral
One Kill Wonder / Earache (England)
Dark TranquillityThrough Smudged Lenses
Character / Century Media
Beast, the / Metal Blade
High on FireSilver Black
Blessed Black Wings / Relapse Records
Bloodlined CalligraphyKnow When to Hold ThemThey Want You Silent /
the BlacklistWe Want Blood
Electric and Evil / Spooky Records
All that RemainsTattered on My Sleeve
This Darkened Heart / Prosthetic Records
All that RemainsThis Darkened Heart
This Darkened Heart / Prosthetic Records
Demons & WizardsImmigrant SongTouched by the Crimson King /