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Thu Oct 06, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
Frank ZappaPorn WarsMeets the Mothers of Prevention / Ryko
Maaseh (Gnosis) / Anticlock Records
The Red Rose GirlsCoal Miners BluesRed Rose Girls / Empty Records
Extra Action Marching BandDurge
Live On Stubnitz / Diy Release
A Hawk and a HacksawThe Moon Under Water
Darkness at Noon / The Leaf Label
Etron Fou LeloublanPhare Plafond43 Songs / Musea
Experimental Dental SchoolSkinny Rabbit, Fat Rabbit
2 1/2 Creatures / Deleted Art
Modular Set12:34
Beached On The Half Landing / Howells Transmitter
PsiAvi for Abcess
Artifically Retarded Soul Care / Evolving Ear
PsiPermanent War
Artifically Retarded Soul Care / Evolving Ear
Old Time RelijunWolves And Wolverines
2012 / K Records
Victim of Space / 5RC
Saint of KillersGiant Fly Regurgitates Bread
Saint of Killers / Edgetone Records
Bow Wow WowC-30 C-60 C-90 Anda!
Grlz / Crippled Dick Hot Wax
The ExDust
Vinyl Years 1980-1990, The / Touch and Go
The MassWe Enslaved Elves To Build Our Death MachineCity Of Dis / Crucial Blast
Big BusinessEaster Romantic
Head for the Shallow / Hydra Head
PimmonSales Pitch '67Commercial Ad Hoc / Seeland Records
the Mae ShiCrimes of Infancy
Heartbeeps / 5RC
Melt-BananaShield for Your Eyes, a Beas
Cell-Scape / A-Zap
Secret Chiefs 3Exterminating AngelBook of Horizons / Mimicry
Two / None
NehemiaThe Kings Collapse
Lenore / Uprising Records
Thine Eyes BleedInnocent Mind
In the Wake of Separation / The End Records
NegativlandGuns (Now)Guns / SST
Odious MortemCerebral Dissection
Devouring The Prophecy / Unique Leader Records
Brutal TruthI See RedNeed to Control / Earache
AssuckWartornMisery Index / Sound Pollution/Mcr
KalibasMasticateStruggling Through Life a Minu / Kalibas
the AccusedDistractions
Oh Martha! / Condar Records
Hostile TakeoverCookie Cutter Community
California Thrash Demolition / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Pink LincolnsKaren #5
No Lo Siento / Hazzard Records
Look Back And LaughCancerous Faith
California Thrash Demolition / Six Two Five Thrashcore
PhobiaMeans of ExistenseMeans of Existence / Slap-a-Ham
EyehategodGod SongIn the Name of Suffering / Revolver
Noam ChomskyPolling The "Great Beast" Of Public Opinion
Imperial Presidency, The / Ak Press
Two Different Faces / Ant-Zen
PelicanAutumn Into Summer
Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon The Thaw, The / Hydra Head
The Psychic Paramountx-visitations
Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural / No Quarter
Randy GriefHistory LessonAmerica the Beautiful / Rrrecords
MochipetNeil Diamond Vs. King Diamond Vs. The Lion KingCombat / Violent Turd
Christian MarclayNew York, September 17, 2000dj TRIO / Asphodel
Catherine JauniauxOrigine des femmesFluvial / Ad Hoc
Chadbourne/BaileyIn Search of Carl La FongBoogie with the Hook / Leo
Lumper/Splitter / Self Release
Graeme Revell and Anthony MannixA Concise History of the MachineColl: A Bead to a Small Mouth / Barooni
Dr. IsraelJacob's Ladder
Inna City Pressure (2005) / Roir
MadvillainGreat DayFour Tet & Koushik Remixes / Stones Throw
Fennesz/SakamotoSala Santa Cecilia
Sala Santa Cecilia / Touch Tone Records
Paul BowlesHe of the AssemblyA Hundred Camels in the Courtyard / Cadmus
Martin Tetreault & Otomo YoshOrleans No. 5 / Astrolabe
2. Tok / Ambiances Magnetique
OkapiOil & Filters
Where's the Beef? / Inflatabl Labl
SoleLocust Farm
Live From Rome / Anticon
SpunkThings that HurtFiltered Through Friends / Rune Grammofon