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Thu Nov 17, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
The Kallikak FamilyBells In Bergamo
May 23rd, 2007 / Tell-All Records
Dr. Israel / Dreadtone InternationalCounting Out Dubs
Patterns Of War / Roir
Konono No 1Zeyisalangayizama (live)Lubuaku / Terp
Fanfare CiocarliaSandala
Gili Garabdi / Asphalt Tango Records
Djibril DiabateFakoli
Hawa / Terp Records
FreakwaterLoservilleThinking Of You / Thrill Jockey Records
Clair LynchIf Wishes were Horses? / ?
Gillian WelchMake Me a Pallet on Your FloSoul Journey / Acony Records
Joanna NewsomBridges and Balloons
Milk-Eyed Mender, the / Drag City
Nina SimoneFeeling GoodIn Concert - I Put a Spell On You / PolyGram
Thornton, Big MamaI Feel the Way I FeelBig Mama/Muddy Waters Band / Arhoolie
RJD2Smoke and MirrorsHorror, the / Def Jux
From Monument to MassesDeafeningSchools of thought contend / Dim Mak
OxesBoss Kitty
Airwaves For Your Hairwaves: Live On Wnur / Wnur-Fm 89.3
Behold...The ArctopusSensory Amusia
Nano-Nucleaonic Cyborg Summoning / Vothoc
The MallFavorite Pastimes
Mall, The / (No Label Information)
No TrendTeen LoveNo Trend / Teenbeat
MotorheadJailbaitAce of Spades / Sanctuary
The ExHuman Car
Singles. Period / Touch and Go
The FallYouwanner
Fall Heads Roll / Narnack Records
FugaziStyrofoam (live)10-8-90 Beilefeld, Germany PC 69 / diy
Circle Takes the SquareComes With the FallCircle Takes the Square / Hyperrealist
Buried InsideThe Fallacy of Wildlife ConservationSuspect Symmetry / Cyclop
Suicide Nation,,,Upon Deaf EarsA Requiem...For All That Ever Mattered / Scorched Earth Policy
R.A.M.B.O.The War on Self Esteem
Bring It! / Havoc Records
Widespread BloodhsedWe're the Enemy
Brody's Militia/Widesp / Sound Pollution/Mcr
976Flipside of Reality
976 / Hon Abe Rec
Iron LungIf Polio Strikes
Life. Iron Lung. Death / 625 Thrashcore
Misery IndexManufacturing GreedOverThrow / Fadeless
Rotten SoundDoomMurderworks / Deathvomit/Necropolis
Soilent GreenFingernails On A ChalkboardConfrontation / Relapse Records
Watch Them DieThrne Of Lies
Bastard Son / Century Media
EyehategodSabbath Jam
Preaching the "End-Time" Messa / Emetic
YobQuantum Mystic
Unreal Never Lived, The / Metal Blade
The Psychic ParamountEchoh Air
Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural / No Quarter
Beneath The LakeSilent Uprising
Silent Uprising / Glass Throat Recordings
Marclay, Tone, WolffEvent
Event / Asphodel
Oh AstroResist
Hello World / Illegal Art
CunninlynguistsLynguisticsWill Rap for Food / Boiling Point
Cannibal OxIron GalaxyThe Cold Vein / DefJux