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Sat Nov 26, 2005 3pm - 5pm 
ThronesManmtn/Arcis Venator3 Bunnies / Kill Rock Stars
OpethIsolation Years
Ghost Reveries / Roadrunner Records
Behold...The ArctopusEstrogen/Pathogen Exchange Program
Nano-Nucleaonic Cyborg Summoning / Vothoc
The PopeFlat Earth Sobriety
Society Of Friends / Satellite Records
DoomridersDrag Them Down
Black Thunder / Deathwish, Inc.
BlackloudDidn't Know
Mysterious Waves / Self Release
The FallRide Away
Fall Heads Roll / Narnack Records
Satan's RatsYear Of The RatsWhat A Bunch Of Rodents / Overload
Jello Biafra With The MelvinsKali-Fornia Uber Alles 21st Century
Sieg Howdy! / Alternative Tentacles
976Pay Your Debt
976 / Hon Abe Rec
Bullet TreatmentPathetic
Bullet Treatment/Shell / Puke N Vomit Records
Crude S.S.Bullying A NationThe System You Hate / Systema
BlacklistedBack And Forth
We're Unstoppable / Deathwish, Inc.
The StoogesNo Fun (Full Version)Stooges, The / Elektra Classics
The Hidden HandRebellion
Doom Capital - Maryland/Dc Heavy Rock Underground / Crucial Blast
Tectonics / Candlelight Records
Fields Of The NephilimPowerDawnrazor / Beggar's Banquet
AcceptMidnight HighwayBreaker / CMC
The MallFavorite Pastimes
Mall, The / (No Label Information)
Fields Of The NephilimBlue Water/DawnrazorDawnrazor / Beggar's Banquet
ThronesDjango3 Bunnies / Kill Rock Stars