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Sat Jan 28, 2006 9pm - midnight 
EdguymystriaHellfire club / nuclear blast
Gamma RayInductionno world order / noise records
Dark angeltime does not healtime does not heal / combat records
killerscity of foolsmenace to society / metal blade
overkillhello from the gutterunder the influence / megaforce
manowardawn of battledawn of battle / nuclear blast
SlayerSex. Murder. ArtDivine Intervention / American (Metal)
helloweenheavy metal hamsterspink bubbles go ape / sanctuary
Arch EnemyEnter The MachineDoomsday / Century Media
MardukThrone of Rats
Plague Angel / Candlelight Records
ClutchBig News (Radio Edit)Big News / Atlantic Records (Modern)
NauseaSmash Racism
Punk Terorist Anthology Vol. 2 : '85-'88, The / Alternative Tentacles
blind gaurdian precious jerusalemnight at tha opera / century media
testaamentjohn doedemonic / mayem records
miss charlottemy love in waitingmiss charlotte / songbird music
exhorderthe truththe law / road runner
Every Day Is Marked / (No Label Information)
7 Shot ScreamersTv
Keep The Flame Alive / Haunted Town Records
The SkeptixLife Today
Live At C B G B's / Thunk Records
Amerijuanican / Relapse Records
KillwhitneydeadWhere There's Smoke
Never Good Enough For You / Tribunal
angranova erarebirth / steam hammmer
EyehategodRuptured Heart TheorySouthern Discomfort / Century Media
iron maidendoctor doctorlord of the flies / cmc records
iron maidenbring your daughter to the slaughterno prayer for the dying / epic
iron maidencomunication break downbrinng your daughter to the slaughter / epic
JackknifeEnd Of Man
Moment Of Reckoning / Zero Sum Records
King DjangoIt's All Over
Roots Tonic / Jump Up! Records
Killing SpreeDevilution
Deception Betrayal Revenge / What's My Cut?
megadethrust in peacetornado of fools / combat records
metaliumsteel avengerstate of triumph / pavment music
cradle of filthbeneath the howling starscruelty of the beast / mayhem records
saxonunleashed the beastunleashed the beast / cmc records
dead skeletonsthere is a party in his but and all the men are cummingsongs to die by vol. 1 / ken healy prod.
jag panzerfeast ore faminecasting the stones / century media records
the FeldmansDry Heave
Fear for the Future / Independent