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Sun Mar 05, 2006 9pm - midnight 
StereolabMiss ModularMiss Modular (7'') / Duophonic
StereolabRainbo ConversationDots and Loops / Duophonic Ultra High Fs
StereolabMiss Modular (Single Vers...Miss Modular / Elektra Records (West Coa
StereolabGet a Shot of the RefrigeratorExcursions Into "Oh, A-Oh" / Get a Shot of the Refrigerator (7'') / Too Pure
StereolabEye of the VolcanoEye of the Volcano / Vodiak (7'') / Too Pure
JazzanovaAnother New Day (Stereolab Mix)Stereolab, Doctor Rockit & Madlib Remixes: Another New Day / L.O.V.E. and You&I / Ropeadope Records
Boards of CanadaKid for Today (Stereolab Remix)Warp 10+3 / Warp
StereolabJump Drive Shut-OutSolar Throw-Away / Jump Drive Shut-Out (Tour 7'') / Duophonic
StereolabFusesCobra and Phases Group / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabOuter Bongolla
First of the Microbe Hunte, th / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabSuggestion Diabolique
Sound-Dust / Elektra Records (East Coa
MonadeWash and Dance
A Few Steps More / Too Pure
StereolabEloge D'erosRefried Ectoplasm / Duophonic Ultra High Fs
StereolabInternational Colouring ContMars Audiac Quintet / Elektra Records (Local)
StereolabFrench DisckoABC Music / Strange Fruit
StereolabJohn Cage BubblegumRefried Ectoplasm / Duophonic Ultra High Fs
StereolabCybele's ReverieEmperor Tomato Ketchup / Elektra Records (West Coa
StereolabNew OrthophonyMars Audiac Quintet / Elektra Records (Local)
AntenaCamino Del SolCamino Del Sol / Numero
AntenaTo Climb the CliffCamino Del Sol / Numero
AntenaSilly ThingsCamino Del Sol / Numero
StereolabVariation OneMoog [Soundtrack] / Hollywood Records
Stereolab...Sudden StarsInstant 0 in the Universe / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabMargerine Melodie
Margerine Eclipse / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabBaby Lulu
Sound-Dust / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabCanned Candies
Oscillons From the Anti-Sun / Too Pure
StereolabSolar Throw-AwaySolar Throw-Away / Jump Drive Shut-Out (Tour 7'') / Duophonic
StereolabInfinity GirlCobra and Phases Group / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabVisionary Road MapsFab Four Suture / Too Pure
StereolabThe Incredible He WomanAluminum Tunes 12'' / Elektra
StereolabDoubtSwitched on / Slumberland
StereolabCheck and Double CheckLaminations / Elektra Classics
StereolabPack Yr Romantic MindTransient Random-Noise Bursts / Elektra Records (Local)
StereolabDes Etoiles ElectroniquesMars Audiac Quintet / Elektra Records (Local)
StereolabBlue MilkCobra and Phases Group / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabPeng! 33Peng! / American Recordings
StereolabThe Emergency KissesCobra and Phases Group / Elektra Records (East Coa
StereolabOne Small StepAluminum Tunes 12'' / Elektra
StereolabCome and Play in the Milky NCobra and Phases Group / Elektra Records (East Coa