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Wed Mar 08, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
Brian KenneyDark Loser Hole
F Is For Fresno / Bongload
Butthole SurfersPerryRembrandt Pussyhorse / Touch and Go
ResidentsHey Jude (Hitler Was a Vegetarian)Third Reich and Roll / Ralph
The Tribattery PopsHer Majesty
West Street / None
Steven WrightIce
I Have A Pony / Warner Brothers (Modern)
Koji AsanoSpring Estuary Iii
Spring Estuary / Solstice
Gigolo AuntsSerious DrugsMrs Washington / Fire Records
Caroliner RainbowJoy DiseaseHernia Milk Queen / Subterranean
Goy DivisionTower of PowerNevermind Nirvana, It's:Grungi / Goy Division
Conflict (az)Black Sabbath/Alcohol and a Knifelive Jan 18, 1983 /
Brian KenneyThat's Who!
F Is For Fresno / Bongload
UFOrock bottom (sorta)UFO / Chrysalis
Jello BiafraPledge of Allegiance7" 1991 / Alternative Tentacles
MinistryN.W.O. (Update Mix)
Rantology / Sanctuary Records Inc.
White2 / Southern Lord Recordings
Lenny BruceThe Warning
Let The Buyer Beware Disc 4: I Wouldn't Work This Shithouse Town For Fifteen Mil / Shout! Factory
Lenny BruceDangerous Drugs/ Marijuana
Let The Buyer Beware Disc 4: I Wouldn't Work This Shithouse Town For Fifteen Mil / Shout! Factory
IndianTied And Gagged
Unquiet Sky, The / Seventh Rule Recordings
William Burroughs and Gus Van SantThe Hipster bebop junkie7" / Sol
Paula FrazerAlways On My Mind
Leave The Sad Things Behind / Birdman Records
Cabaret VoltaireNo Escape"Mix-Up" / Rough Trade
Clock D V aDisconsentmentWhite Sould in Black Suits / Contempo Records Dist.
Lost SoundsClones Don't Love
Lost Sounds / In the Red Records
Gang Of FourNatural's Not In It
Return The Gift / V2 Records
ChadwickTwice Ya Lied
Blood Soaked World / Fingar Media
Joy DivisionNew Dawn FadesUnknown Pleasures / Factory
BauhausBurning From the InsideBurning From the Inside / AM
Old Lady DriversColostomy Grab-BagGrind Crusher / Earache
10 Fold B-Low...To Carry On
For Those Who Share The Sun / Locomotive Music S.L.
Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society / Alternative Tentacles
F-MinusCan't Tell No One
Won't Bleed Me/Failed Society / Alternative Tentacles
Conflict (az)last hour, etclive Jan 18, 1983 (Husker Du gig) /
NauseaHere Today
Punk Terrorist Anthology Vol. 1, The / Alternative Tentacles
the BlacksMutate Radiate
Last / Chemical Valley
Bit RateShift
Feeding The Simulacram / Db Recording
BeexButch7" / Zero Degrees
BlastSchools Out7" / SST
The Brown CutsTruckhead7" Neighbors / peso neto
the Bunny BrainsI'm Obsessed with My LooksI'm Obsessed with My Looks / Tpos
GargoylesDevil DevilGargoyles 7" / Suede Brain
the CavegurlsTheme From CavegurlJust Out of Reach +3 / (Unknown)
VulcaneersBeat Me Off ScottyBeat Me Off Scotty! / Repent Records