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Thu May 04, 2006 7pm - 10pm 
Cage, John/Tan, Margaret LengIn the Name of the HolocaustDaughters of the Lonesome Isle / New Albion Records
Cage, John/Tan, Margaret LengIn the Name of the HolocaustDaughters of the Lonesome Isle / New Albion Records
Koji AsanoSuite No. 2Violin And Viola Suites No. 1 - No. 7 / Solstice
Giacinto ScelsiHô I
Art Of Song, The / New Albion Records
Tom Cora?Who to Salute?Gumption in Limbo / Sound Aspects
Steve ReichCello Counterpoint
You Are (Variations) / Nonesuch
Fernandez, Agusti/Peter KowaldRhizomes
Sea Of Lead / Hopscotch Records
News From The Shed / Emanem
C KraabelWordsNow We are One Two / Dark Beloved Cloud
Fe-MailNavrattan KormaBlixter Toad / Asphodel
TwinkPussy Cat
Broken Record, The / Seeland Records
Degenerate Art EnsembleOni Gorshi
Bastress, The / Tellous
Jason WebleyIcarus
Only Just Beginning / Springman Records
Jason ForrestMy 36 Favorite Punk Songs
Shamelessly Exciting / Sonig
MinistryThe Great Satan
Rantology / Sanctuary Records Inc.
Morality RockSatan
Morality Rock / None
Good Clean FunBetween Christian Rock and a Hard PlaceBetween Christian Rock and a Hard Place / Equal Vision
FugaziArpeggiator (live)5-7-99 Kilkenney, Ireland Friary Hall / diy
This Bike Is A Pipe BombWhat Shall We Do (X2)Three Way Tie For A Fifth / Plan-It-X Records
MartyrdodHor Varningen!In Extremis / Havoc
Municipal WasteThe Thrashin' of the ChristHazardous Mutation / Earache
Desolation / Prank
Bury The LivingWhat We've Sewn/Branded
All The News That's Fit To Scream / Prank
Kungfu Ricktrack 4Fragments of the Past Time / Six Two Five, Play Fast Eh?
Hail of Rage?All Hail / RSR
FacedowninshitWashed Away
Passing Times / Crimethinc
Nuclear TribunalNuclear FutureAttack of the Salami-Smokers from Venus / Poswerslaughter
Trlateral Progression / Willowtip
Third DegreeLet's Hail SatanOutstay / Self Made God
Rotten SoundRevengeMurderworks / DeathVomit
Exhale SweBesviken Igen
Prototype / Emetic
Unearthly TranceYou Get What You Want
Trident, The / Relapse Records
diSEMBOWELMENTThe Tree of Life and DeathdiSEMBOWELMENT / Relapse
Joy Wants EternityFor We Had No RoadMust You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn To Listen With Your Eyes / Self Release
The Flying LuttenbachersCataclysm
Spectral Warrior Mythos Vol. 1 / Ugexplode Records
BelliniThe Buffalo SongSmall Stones / Temporary Residence
Airport + Ants / D1st
Fire EnginesPlastic Gift
Codex Teenage Premonition / Domino Records
MutationLove From Abbey Road
Beatles / Sacred Cowboy
PorestTom And His Wife
Mood Noose / Resipiscent
Daniel MencheChrome Homicide
Scattered Remains: Early Rarities / Sol
Dame SatanWorlds CollideGhost Mansion / Self Release
HannerThey're Nude
No Guts, No Glory / Unsound Records