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Fri May 26, 2006 1pm - 3pm 
Paul/Parker/Phillips BleyVariation 9Sankt Gerold Variations / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Dagmar KrauseMutters HaendeTank Battles: Songs of Hanns Eisler / Voiceprint
Bill FrisellI Heard It Through The GrapevineEast/West / Nonesuch
Gatto MarteParis, TexasDanae / self-released
Arthur JarvinenErase the FakeErase the Fake / Oo Discs
Louise Avenue"3"Let's Take One More / Carbon 7
NimalMaligneNimal / RecRec
Ante NataIl Ilma
Ante Nata / Actuelle Cd
Ellen BurrCanon-Cards-Canon 2
Duos / Pfmentum
U TotemAnother June SkyStrange Attractors / Cuneiform Records
The Entertainment SystemRednex & Mexican SDecibel Hunter / (Unknown)
Broken Record, The / Seeland Records
MidmightYellow Piano By The Side Of The Road ($50)
Almost Clear / Resipiscent
John ZornN.Y. Flat Top BoxNaked City / Tzadik Records
Uncle Woody SullenderDon't Say Goodbye 'til I'm in Chicagonothing is certain but death / Dead CEO
Gene Estribou & Jean-Paul PicJpp - Shady Grows
Intensifications / Locust Music
Alec K. Redfearn & the EyesoresElizabethMay You Dine on Weeds Made Bitter by the Piss of Drunkards / Magic Eye Singles
SodastreamHorsesA Minor Revival / Microindie
AhleuchatistasRemember Rumsfeld At Abu Ghraib
What You Will / Cuneiform Records
GuapoBlessed AlbaniaGreat Sage, Equal of Heaven / Pandemonium Records
BegnagradNarodna KmetskaBegnagrad / MIO
Richard PinhasRf (For)
Event and Repetion / Cuneiform Records
Richard Youngs & Alex NielsonRolling in the DewBeating Stars / HP Cycle
Cactus1. Mix
Night Is Rising On The World / Resipiscent