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Sat Jul 15, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
Throbbing GristleDeath Threats/Walls Of Sound/Blood On The Floor/Hamburger LadyD.O.A. the Third & Final Report Of... / Mute
Patton Oswalt/
222 / Chunklet
Final:3 / Neurot Recordings
Psychic TVAllegory And Self - Historic MireAllegory And Self / Revolver
Tribes Of NeurotSignals Lost
Meridian / Neurot Recordings
EarzumbaThey Say What They Had Said
Simulando Un Refugio / Old Gold
16 Bitch Pile UpBarbaracuda
Barbaracuda / !K7 Records
AgallochOdal (Nothing Re-Mix)Grey EP / Vendullus
Skinny PuppyGods Gift (Maggot)Mind: The Perputal Intercourse / Nettwerk
Foetus IncDead ChristiansSInk / Wax Trax!
Revolting CocksT.V. MindBig Sexy Land / Wax Trax!
Lucio MenegonMetal#1
Soundtrack Intrumentals: Muisc For Driving And Film Vol.1 / Kingtone Records
8th Grade122 Hours Of FearCOLL: The Necessary Effect-Screamers Songs Interpreted / Xeroid
Gorilla AngrebMit Lille Sorte Ag
Gorilla Angreb / Kick N' Punch Records
Gorilla AngrebDe Kommer Ud Om Natten
Gorilla Angreb / Kick N' Punch Records
AnfallStressaCOLL: Bloodstains Across Norway / Redrum
AvskumI Hate Your Fucking War Song
Punkista / Prank
Romantic GorillaI Love WrestlerSpazz/ Romantic Gorill / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Romantic GorillaShinbad on the BeachSpazz/ Romantic Gorill / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Romantic GorillaGet a ChanceSpazz/ Romantic Gorill / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Nuclear Armed HogsDiff'rent StrokesFiesta Comes Alive! / Slap a Ham
One Way DownUnfriendlyYouth Gone Mad / One Way Down (Split 7") / Above Records
FazedFolterkammerCOLL: Short, Fast & Loud #11 / Six Weeks
Misery IndexConquistadors
Misery Index/Bathtub Shitter - Spilt / !K7 Records
SkrupelSleep, Money And FoodBrutal Death/Skurpel Split / !K7 Records
SkrupelTtt Swe Gc AssassinsBrutal Death/Skurpel Split / !K7 Records
CretinCook The Cupcake
Freakery / Relapse Records
Audio KollapsPreach War (Predict Den Krieg)Music From An Extreme Sick World / Crimes Against Humanity
DarkthroneTyster På GudThe Cult Is Alive / Peaceville/Tyrant Syndicate
MerrimackSubcufneos Infection
Of Entropy And Life Denial / Moribund Records
Hatred SurgeInvisible Noose
Hatred Surge / 625 Productions
Hatred SurgeWaste
Hatred Surge / 625 Productions
Hatred SurgeHand Me Down Existencia
Hatred Surge / 625 Productions
Invaders / Kemado Records
GodheadSiloElephantitus Of The NightElephantitus Of The Night/Multiple Organic / Kill Rock Stars
LoudmouthsCobra CrunchCOLL: Extreme Championship Punk / Carbon 14
Torcha ShedTortureNihilism On The Prowl / Puke N Vomit Records
SlobberSatan SatanPounds Of Metal / Self-released
Ox BakerDon't Make Me Heartpunch You/Plaster CastsRaped Ox / Sounds Of Betrayl
MotorheadBomberEverything Louder than Everyon / Bmg Distribution
KampfarGaman Av Drommer
Kvass / Napalm Records America
SpitboyFencesWednesday Night Live / Outer a Records
SpitboyUltimate ViolationsWednesday Night Live / Outer a Records
SpitboyWizenedWednesday Night Live / Outer a Records