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Fri Jul 21, 2006 3pm - 6pm 
Pink MountainMastiff Mix
Pink Mountain / Frenetic Records
Joelle LeandreMeeting One
At The Le Mans Jazz Festival / Leo Records
John ColtraneExpressionExpression / Mca Records (Reggae)
Cooper-MoorePrayer Take 8
Outtakes 1978 / Hopscotch Records
Ullmann/Dahlgren/RosenNo Mouthpiece
Cut It Out / Leo Records
Combs, Cory Trio1974
Valencia / Evander Music
Johnnie Valentino4M^2
Stingy Brim / Omnitone
Morris, Joe/William ParkerHypnotextInvisible Weave / No More Records
Liberty EllmanYou Have Ears
Ophiuchus Butterfly / Pi Recordings
GubbishCalling Everyone Loudly ...Notations in Tonations / Odd Shaped Case
Ridgway, StanOur Manhattan MomentSnakebite: Blacktop Ballads and Fugitive Songs / Redfly
Clive Bell & Sylvia HallettWith The Book Propped Against The Horse's Mane
Geographers, The / Emanem
Biosphere / Leo Records
John ZornBoelMalphas, Book Of Angels Volume 3 / Tzadik Records
Benedictine Monks of the AbbeySanctus Xiii 7TH ModeGregorian Chants, Eternal Chan / Milan
Roy NathansonSunny
Sotto Voce / Aum Fidelity
Grismore/Scea GroupSpinach DipWell Behaved Fish / Accurate Records
Flinner, Matt QuartetMen From BoiseWalking on the Moon / Compass Records
Dubuis, Lucien TrioInsomnie
Willisau Jazz Festival / Self Release
Sludge Test / Cantaloupe Music
Mark DresserForce CuisineForce Green / Soul Note
Maupin, Bennie EnsembleTapping Things
Penumbra / Cryptogramophone
Positive KnowledgeIn One Heart
Live in New York / Edgetone Records
Phillip GreenliefFrogs
Seared Circuit Incident / Evander Music
Jake SmoloweLevel With Me
Level With Me / Self Release
Wardell GrayScrapple From The AppleCentral Avenue / Prestige Records Inc.
Fred AndersonTimeless
Timeless / Delmark Records