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Sat Jul 22, 2006 6pm - 9pm 
EarwickerClaritas Clusterfuck
All Seeing Ear / Resipiscent
Wendy CarlosHorror Show
Rediscovering Lost Scores - Vol.1 / East Side Digital
MaelstromVisions of Ezekiel
Unquiet Grave Vol 4 / Cleopatra Records
Final:3 / Neurot Recordings
NonSunsetBlood & Flame / Mute
Daniel Menche/
Concussions / Asphodel
16 Bitch Pile UpAcapulcopokalipstick
Bored Fortress / Not Not Fun
Neil HamburgerAA Meeting's At Dipressas
Great Moments At Dipresas Pizza House / Drag City
Throbbing GristleSee You AreTyranny of the Beat, the / (Unknown)
In Slaughter NativesDeath, Just Only DeathEcstasy By Current Ii / Schizophrenia
Shock Headed PetersBlue RosebudsDevastate to Liberate / United Dairies
Celtic FrostTears In A Prophet's DreamTo Mega Therion / Noise
Blood AxisThe RideColl: Looking The Europe / Auerbach Tontrager
AgallochA Poem By YeatsOf Stone, Wind And Pillory / The End
XSex And Dying In High SocietyLos Angeles / Slash
Angelic UpstartsGuns For The Afghan RebelsThe EMI Punk Years / Captain Oi!
Los OlvidadosGoin' DownLos Olvidados / The Cliftons (Split 7") / Super Speedway
Rancid VatSay You Love Satan
Vs. The Rest Of The World / Steel Cage Records
the GitsDrunksEnter: the Conquering Chicken / Broken Rekids
Bobby SoxxLearn To Hate In The 80'sCOLL: Bloodstains Across Texas / Redrum
MotusVikend RatniciCogita Aude / Sacro Egoismo
Ape Has Killed ApeJunior High Overdose
A Primitive Knowldge Of Metallurgy / Diy Release
Melvins#2 Pencil10 Songs / C/Z Records
KalasThings Done And Undone
Kalas / Tee Pee Records
The SwordUnder The Boughs
Invaders / Kemado Records
Witchfinder GeneralWitchfinder GeneralCOLL: N.W.O.B.H.M. / Metal Blade
JaculaTriumphatus Sad.In Cauda Semper Stat Veneum / Black Widow
NoothgrushDianogaEmbraced By The AntiSelf / Slap-A-Ham
AlderbaranAstorothPleasures Of War/Alderbaran 7" / Parasitic
The Plague Of GentlemenPleasure and TimerPleasure And Time/Battleburns 7" / Southern Lord
25 SuavesTurn Up The MusicI want It Loud / Bulb
HelmetUntitled TrackFirst Helmet demo/Cop Shoot Cop bootleg / Micro Records
The ScreamersMagazine Love/Peer PressureLive At The Masque 7"-December '78 / Bootleg - No Label
The FallFutures & PastLive At The Witch Trails / IRS