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Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:30am - 4:30am 
elzhione loveelmatic / n/a

jay-zallureblack album / n/a
kembe xsawbuckn/a / n/a
elzhiain't hard to tellelmatic / n/a
fat jontalk to men/a / n/a

diggable planetsblowing downn/a / n/a
mos defspace and time (remix)n/a / n/a
Erick SermonA Way Out F. Jimi Hendrix
A Way Out / Def Squad The Label
blu and exileshe said it's okaygive me flowers while I can still smell them / n/a
blackstaryou already knewn/a / n/a
elzhithe world is yourselmatic / n/a
dj krushonly the strong survivemeiso / n/a
rjd2to all of yousince we last spoke / n/a

dj krushback on da blockn/a / n/a