Various Artists / Hobo Cubes/Aradia Split Cassette
Album: Hobo Cubes/Aradia Split Cassette   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2010
Label:Hobo Cult  

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The Key Of O
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Album Review
Reviewed 2010-08-04
A split psych cassette of Hobo Cubes (tracks 1-5) and Aradia (tracks 6-10). An epic, mind-expanding adventure full of unfamiliar textures, unexpected turns and dances with death.

All tracks are instrumental. 50 copies of the cassette exist.
FCC CLEAN TRY: 2,6,3,9

1. Ethereal, eerie spacey sounds with strange intonation and minor chords. Lots of speed ups and slow downs give it a pulsating effect. Sounds like someone’s been screwing with the pitch knobs again…
*2. Warm washes of synth and intricate washes of textures, punctuated by strange howling noises. A perfect soundtrack to accompany stumbling through gritty back alleys at sunrise in a post-apocalyptic world. One of the best synth tracks I’ve ever heard.
*3. Slow-paced “drip-drop” percussion like the sound of raindrops. It has a unique kaleidoscopic sheen that leaves the track feeling unstable and unpredictable. Great.
4. This track opens to the sounds of a looped organ tape. Then, strange horns enter the mix and are distorted out of control. They become louder and louder until they wash out the organ in a scratchy, cloudy drone.
5. Throbbing staticy noise which evolves slowly over its seven minute lifetime.
*6. Harsh, blistering keyboard tones with the gain turned to the max. Slowly, this noise loses all of its rugged edge and transitions into a beautiful, airy orchestra piece. Then it moves back to the gritty end of the spectrum, then back to smooth and sweet, and then back, etc. until it gets stuck in oscillation till you lose yourself in what is ugly and what is beautiful, what is right, and wrong…
7. This track sounds just like what one would expect from a song titled “Sea of Serenity:” gentle acoustic guitar with layered electric elements.
8. Distorted guitar noodling with muffled drums and xylophone. Not too interesting.
*9. Smooth, gentle soundscape bolstered by steady strings, keyboard, and delicately strummed guitar. Refreshing and nostalgia-evoking.
10. Five minutes of pulsing, gnarly reverb. Like chewing on tin foil and forks.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Hobo Cubes Sound Of Memory
2. Hobo Cubes Abandon Ship
3. Hobo Cubes Esternal Futurist
4. Hobo Cubes Misero
5. Hobo Cubes Cavernes
6. Aradia Abaddon The Destroyer
7. Aradia The Serenity Of The Sea
8. Aradia The Machine
9. Aradia The Key Of O
10. Aradia Antiphon