Kloba, Diane Marie / I Am An Unknown Artist
Album: I Am An Unknown Artist   Collection:General
Artist:Kloba, Diane Marie   Added:Apr 2011

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Reviewed 2011-11-10
I am an unknown artist / Diane Marie Kloba (3.5/5)

Avant-pop, progressive rock. Latest solo release from Chicago-area recording artist Diane Marie Kloba.
All tracks are highly hypnotic as if a ghost is whispering in your ear. The mood is very avant-garde and a touch psychedelic, a bit like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.” Repeated use of non-harmonic tones and monologues in the vocal, sometimes supported by backup chorus. Heavy reverb and echo effects cause the lyrics to “float around in the air”. Lead guitar plays the melodies with slight overdrive and rhythm guitar uses distorion. Various percussions are used such as regular drums, African drums, and gong.
Original and generally interesting though more variation of effects would have been better. Try 2,5,6,7. All tracks FCC clean.

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#1 (3:40) Guitar staccatos and repeated lyrics with African drumming
#2* (3:35) Especially avant-garde and psychedelic. Slide guitar and echo effects.
#3 (3:13) Dragging lyrics
#4 (3:46) African drumming and distortion guitar pronounced throughout whole track
#5* (4:05) Guitar arpeggio with harmonics create interesting sound, vocal monologue
#6* (3:16) Upbeat melody but still hypnotic.
#7* (3:15) Strong minor guitar riff creates an oriental air.
#8 (2:15) Feel of a lazy Sunday afternoon
#9 (3:06) Similar to #8 but more psychedelic
#10 (3:26) Minor guitar riff like #7
#11 (3:11) Title track
#12 (3:16) Psychedelic, gong used
#13 (3:17) Electric synthesized sound is pronounced throughout

Track Listing
1. To Live Up To It   7. No Standing Still
2. Face Forward   8. It Was Me
3. It Rained   9. Everybody Knows Me
4. Diane Has Words   10. Stand Up Tall
5. That's How It Goes   11. I Am An Unknown Artist
6. I'm Okay If I Can Play   12. Ace The Place