Submission Guidelines

Thanks for submitting your music to KZSU for airplay consideration. Before you do, please read the following for general guidelines, information.

What Do We Play?

All submissions will be listened to and assessed for their appropriateness on KZSU. If you are unfamiliar with what we play please consult our weekly charts posted online or check our air schedule and the show descriptions of our current DJs. KZSU has very limited library space and it is important that we only keep what we feel will be of most interest to our DJs and listeners. If what comprises our weekly charts makes little sense to you, please reconsider.

Formats we accept:

We do not accept:

Regarding Digital Submissions:

At this time we are not equipped to air digital releases directly. Digital submissions must be downloaded, ripped, and treated like any other CD-R. Our preferred media for the moment is still CD. Certain exceptions are granted (e.g. Hip Hop digital singles). Otherwise, please do your best to send us a CD-R version.

Genres We Accept

All. Everything. Anything except blatantly commercial releases. If you feel that your music falls under the following specific subgenres please address it to: Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, Classical, Experimental, Metal, World, Reggae, Country/Bluegrass, Dance/RPM. Anything else goes to General where it will be well received. If you can't figure out how to classify your music then it sounds exactly like something we will love. Just send it.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing of submissions. If you are wondering whether your music has been accepted into our rotation and library, please consult our Zookeeper database after that time. All music that is accepted is entered into this easily searchable database.


With few exceptions, we do not do tracking. With the volume of submissions and the fact that our staff is all-volunteer, busy with classes, day jobs, families, we prefer to let the publicly searchable Zookeeper database, our CD reviews, our A-file and charts be a measure of how much we love your music. Please consult Zookeeper in lieu of tracking calls, emails.

CDs that are not accepted cannot be returned unless a SASE is enclosed. We assure you that we do our best to recycle, reuse them. Again: PLEASE consult our charts to see whether your music is appropriate for KZSU BEFORE you mail it to us. We strive to minimize waste of natural resources, energy.

Weekly Adds and Charting

All music that is accepted will be reviewed by staff and put into A-File rotation on a weekly basis at which point it has the potential to chart. Please allow up to several weeks for CDs to be reviewed and added. CDs spend 9 weeks on this charting rotation after which they retire to our main library where they are available for airplay to all DJs in perpetuity. Again, the Zookeeper database will allow you to track the number of plays a CD gets, when, and by which DJ.

A Note of Appreciation

Our staff is composed of true music lovers and many of us are former/present musicians. We know too well the hard work, passion, heart, soul and love that goes into every CD that is submitted. Please do not feel slighted if we do not accept your CD. Please accept our gratitude for the honor of listening to it, screening it. KZSU strives for a certain sound and if we do not accept your CD it merely means that it is likely more appropriate for another radio station.

Thanks in advance for your submissions.
The Music Department Staff of KZSU Stanford