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Sat Oct 20, 2018 8pm - 10pm 
Tim HeckerSong Of The Highwire Shrimper
Radio Amor / Kranky
Sarah DavachiThird Hour
Gave In Rest / Ba Da Bing!
Claire SingerWrangham
Solas / Touch

Andrew BernsteinVesica Piscis
An Exploded View Of Time / Hausu Mountain
SwansMother Of The World
Seer, The / Young God Records
Blanck MassJohn Doe's Carnival Of Error
World Eater / Sacred Bones Records
Blanck MassRhesus Negative
World Eater / Sacred Bones Records
Exhalents / Self Sabotage

Entropy WorshipApparati Defunct
Facticity Devotion Discipline / Soundpress Records
Topdown DialecticB1
S/T / Peak Oil
Ace VenturaGoing Back (Suduaya Remix)Scott Mouton's Ambient House Compilation / Self-Release
Steve HauschildtSyncope (Ft. Gabi)
Dissolvi / Ghostly International

Zoe KeatingForte
Snowmelt / 020202
Gwenifer RaymondSometimes There's Blood
You Never Were Much Of A Dancer / Tompkins Square
Brianna KellyTo Behold You
Brianna Kelly/Sympathy Pain / Whited Sepulchre Records

Less BellsMilwaukee Protocol
Solifuge / Kranky