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Wed Mar 20, 2002 wed. 3-5pm 
TarentelUrsa Minor, Ursa MajorFrom Bone to Satellite /
Unwed SailorOur NightsFaithful Anchor /
Takagi MasakatsuFroundCarpark Cd 10 /
the Freight Elevator QuartetInfrared
Fix It in Post (Live 1997-2000 /
Noise for PretendMoney PennyBlanket Noise/Noise Fd /
HoodBranches BareCold House /
SolteroI Am Sitting in a RoomScience Will Figure It Out /
RedLady Midnight
Songs From a Room /
Surface of EceonDeep Grey NightKing Beneath the Mountain, the /
the Tower RecordingsTowergate
Folkscene, the /
FognodeI Read Your NoteBeat Hollow /
Greg WeeksAsh RisingAwake Like Sleep /
SonnaLow and to the Side
We Sing Loud Sing Soft Tonight /
Nad NavillusReflect / RetreatShow Your Face /
EuphoneRed, Blue, YellowSelf Titled Full Length /
90 Day MenSaint Theresa in XtcTo Everybody /
5 StyleDeep Marsh5 Style /
the Rum DiaryNew LongevityYou Will Never Hear... /