Sat Jul 03, 2004 3pm - 6pm 
Current 93Moonlight,, Or Other Dreams, Or Other FieldsAn Introduction To Suffering / World Serpent
Parker, Evan Electro-AcousticMemory/Vision Part 5
Memory/Vision / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Jaga JazzistAerial Bright Dark RoundStix, the / Ninja Tune
Mine NakaoGin no FuneGuitar Uncontrolled / Alchemy Records
NoxagtBlood Thing
Iron Point, the / Load Records
AlgizLes Seigneur des SentiersClaire-Voie / Tursa
LumskDet var Irlands kongi bold/Orim LangeAsmund Fraedegjevar / Tabu
EnslavedHOV: Featuring Trygve Mathiesen "Sigmundskvadet"Monumension / Osmose
NeurosisFrom Which Its Roots RunCOLL: Contaminated 3.0 / Relapse
FacedowninshitNever Let Your Money Walk
Passing Times / Crimethinc
Lubricated GoatStroke
Great Old Ones, the / Reptile Records
Aldo Nova (aka: Ragnar's Cheese Counter Pick For 7/3)FantasyAldo Nova / Portrait
LaibachI've Got A FeelingLet It Be / Enigma
From Which Hatred Grows / Tumult
EikenskadenThe Smell of the Whip
665 999 / Tumult
the BannerApocolypse
Your Murder Mixtape / Blackout!
DesolationHiding Like Cowards
Bay Area Thrash Devast / 625 Thrashcore
Backstabbers IncorporatedI'll Cut My Hair When You Pi
Bare As Bones / Blackmarket Activities
DodheimsgardIon StormCOLL: Moonfog 2000 / Moonfog
YM StammenLangobardeneEnoyd / Tatra
La MuerteDeath Race 2000Death Race 2000 / Play It Again Sam
Kill Switch...KlickWelcome Back KotterTv Terror: Felching a / Cargo Music, Inc.
SaxonWheels Of SteelThe Eagle Has Landed / Cararre