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Thu May 19, 2005 noon - 3pm 
Soul SirkusHighest GroundWorld Play /
James LaBrieCrucifyElements of Persuasion /
ExtolLost in DismayThe Blueprint Dives /
Cosmos / Relapse Records
ForsakenVertigoEvermore /
Slo BurnMuezliAmusing the Amazing /
Monster MagnetBlack BalloonSuperjudge / A&M Records (Alternative)
Grip Inc.Innate AfflictionPower of Inner Strength / Metal Blade
Bingo MutAmir BacollieMeanest Man, the / Far Out Records
LoinclothChurch BurntingsSelf-released Demo /
Slough FegI will Kill You, You Will DieAtavism /
Subterranean MasqueradeSix Strings to Cover FearSuspended Animation Dreams / The End Records
Dew-ScentedProcessing LifeIssue VI /
Demigod / Olympic Recordings
Hate EternalSons of DarknessI, Monarch /
BloodbathBastard Son of God
Nightmares Made Flesh / Century Media
VaderThe Sea Came in at Last
Beast, the / Metal Blade
HacrideThis PlaceDeviant Current Signal /
TraumaBlade Under Your ThroatImperfect Like A God /
PsykupRock 'N' Roll AssistanceL'Ombre Et La Proie /
Hellucinate / Metal Blade
MaroonThe Worlds Havoc
Endorsed By Hate / Abacus Recordings
Dark TranquillityLost to Apathy
Character / Century Media
Blood Has Been ShedInterventionNovell of Uriel /
Isa / Candlelight Records
Killswitch EngageThe End of HeartacheEnd of Hearache, the / Roadrunner Records
Blind StareMy Black LetterSymphony of Delusions /
SighCorpsecry/AngelfallImaginary Sonicscape /
Plague Angel / Candlelight Records
DraugarTrails of Blood that Lead to
Weathering the Curse / Moribund Records
Winter of ApokalypseTrue Pagan Hearts
Solitary Winter Night / Moribund Records
Sunn ((O))))Defeating: Earth's Gravity
Grimmrobe Demos, the / Southern Lord Recordings