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KZSU chart for month of October 2011

  1. SEAPONY Go With Me (Hardly Art)
  2. A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN A Winged Victory For The Sullen (Kranky)
  3. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
  4. PORTUGAL. THE MAN In The Mountain In The Cloud (Atlantic)
  5. DOM Sun Bronzed Greek Gods (Astralwerks)
  6. GORILLAZ Fall, The (Bmi)
  7. PEAKING LIGHTS 936 (Not Not Fun)
  8. SUN ARAW Ancient Romans (Sun Ark)
  9. MARSALIS, WYNTON & ERIC CLAPTON Play The Blues (Reprise)
  10. HERE WE GO MAGIC January Ep, The (Secretly Canadian)
  11. SBTRKT Sbtrkt (Young Turks)
  12. BAKER, AIDAN I Will Always And Forever Hold You In My Heart And Mind (Basses Frequences)
  13. CARS, THE Move Like This (Hear Music)
  14. LITTLE DRAGON Ritual Union (Peacefrog)
  15. FOLJA Pompa Funebris (Sangoplasmo)
  16. BAKER, AIDAN & THISQUIETARMY Orange (Consouling Sounds)
  17. REAL TUESDAY WELD, THE Last Werewolf: A Soundtrack, The (Six Degrees)
  18. HIGH WOLF Étoile 3030 (Not Not Fun)
  19. JOY FORMIDABLE, THE Big Roar, The (Atlantic)
  20. THAO & MIRAH Thao & Mirah (Kill Rock Stars)
  21. VETIVER Errant Charm, The (Sub Pop)
  22. STARVING WEIRDOS Rolled In The Midst Of Never-Ceasing Currents Flowing Without A Rest Forever Onw (Bo'weavil)
  23. RELEASE THE SUNBIRD Come Back To Us (Brushfire)
  24. SKY STADIUM Palmae (Goldtimers Tapes)
  25. COLL Consciousness 1/2 / Dickie Domecon... 12" (Bathetic)
  26. CARNEY, RALPH / SERIOUS JASS PROJECT Seriously (Smog Veil)
  27. AUTOLUX Transit Transit (Tbd)
  28. COLL Physical Demon / Al Qaeda Septet, The (Debacle)
  29. SOLLEE, BEN Inclusions (Thirty Tigers)
  30. FOR KINGS AND QUEENS Merz (Subterranean Sonic)
  31. FLEET FOXES Helplessness Blues (Sub Pop)
  32. MY MORNING JACKET Circuital (Ato)
  33. MOBY Destroyed (Little Idiot)
  34. ZOMBY Dedication (4AD)
  35. CLEAVES, SLAID Sorrow & Smoke: Live At The Horseshoe Lounge (Music Road)
  36. COLL Psych Funk 101 (World Psychedelic Funk Classics)
  37. ROBILLARD, DUKE Low Down And Tore Up (Stony Plain)
  38. BLACK SABBATH Master Of Reality (Deluxe) (Vertigo)
  39. APPARAT Devil's Walk, The (Mute Ltd)
  40. LUPERCI Jahator (Sonic Meditations)
  41. JAIL WEDDINGS Love Is Lawless (White Noise)
  42. STEVENS, SUFJAN Age Of Adz, The (Asthmatic Kitty)
  43. SALVA Complex Housing (Fof Music)
  44. DEAD WHITE, THE Endless Mess (Debacle)
  45. AMERICANS IN FRANCE Crawling (Odessa)
  46. FLECK, BELA & THE FLECKTONES Rocket Science (Entertainment One)
  47. WAR ON DRUGS, THE Slave Ambient (Secretly Canadian)
  48. BLACK MATH Black Math (Plustapes)
  49. BEAKS PLINTH AND SCOTT CALIGURE Flameout (Gigante Sound)
  50. KRISS, ITAI Shark, The (Avenue K)
  51. WOLF, WARREN Warren Wolf (Mack Avenue)
  52. GORDON, KIMBERLY Sunday (The Sirens)
  53. SWINGADELIC Other Duke: Tribute To Duke Pearson, The (Zoho Music)
  54. BANNA, RIM Al-Rawa'i (Greatest Hits) (Laser)
  55. CARTER, TOM Skyline Grinder (Three Lobed)
  56. TIGER & WOODS Through The Green (Running Back)
  57. NEAR THE PARENTHESIS Music For The Forest Concourse (N5MD)
  58. ANTIMATTER Reset (Resipiscent)
  59. WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE Konkylie (!K7)
  60. COLL Rave On Buddy Holly (Fantasy)

  1. ANIMAL FARM Test Of Time (Focused Noise)
  2. BLACASTAN 3010 (Brick)
  3. DJ COSM Past Present Future (Makebelieve)
  4. WU TANG Meteor Hammer (Eone Music)
  5. HEADNODIC Surgeon General (Brick)
  6. MAFFEW RAGAZINO Yowzers! (Cash In Cash Out)
  7. RANDOM AXE Everybody Nobody Somebody (Duck Down)
  8. KONCEPT Feels So Good (Fat Beats)
  9. APATHY Check To Check (Demigodz Enterprises)
  10. AZIZ Ode To Pete Rock (Aziz Music)

  1. BANNA, RIM Al-Rawa'i (Greatest Hits) (Laser)
  2. MURKUS, AMAL Baghanni (I Sing) (Amal Murkus Productions)
  3. ERRAJI, HASSAN Awal Mara (Love At First Sight) (World Village/ Harmonia Mundi)
  4. RADWAN, NIZAR Haifa (Magda Music)
  5. COLL Delhi Belly (Unknown)
  6. 10 FT. GANJA PLANT Shake Up The Place (Roir)
  7. KUTI, FEMI Africa For Africa (Knitting Factory, the)
  8. SERGENT GARCIA Una Y Otra Vez (Cumbancha)
  9. ROUHANA, CHARBEL & THE BEIRUT ORIENTAL ENSEMBLE Hand Made (Shughl Bayt) (Forward Music)
  10. DIGITALDUBS #1 (Roir)

  1. MARSALIS, WYNTON & ERIC CLAPTON Play The Blues (Reprise)
  3. KRISS, ITAI Shark, The (Avenue K)
  4. WOLF, WARREN Warren Wolf (Mack Avenue)
  5. GORDON, KIMBERLY Sunday (The Sirens)
  6. SWINGADELIC Other Duke: Tribute To Duke Pearson, The (Zoho Music)
  7. ROOD, MIKE Desert And The City, The (Self-Release)
  8. STARLICKER Double Demon (Delmark)
  9. COMMITMENT (PARKER/HWANG/MATSUURA) Complete Recordings: 1981/1983 (Nobusiness)
  10. BONILLA, LUIS Twilight (Planet Arts)

  1. ROBILLARD, DUKE Low Down And Tore Up (Stony Plain)
  2. MULDAUR, MARIA Steady Love (Stony Plain)
  3. SUGAR RAY & THE BLUETONES Evening (Severn)
  4. DUPREE, CORNELL I'm Alright (Dialtone)
  5. NORA JEAN Good Blues (Untouchable Productions)
  6. GANNON, STEVE 52' Ford (Self-Release)
  7. GREENLEAF, DIUNNA Trying To Hold On (Self-Release)
  8. BLUES POWER At The Saloon (Saloon)
  9. P.A. SLIM P.A. Slim (Self-Release)
  10. ROOT DOCTOR Joy (Self)

  1. CLARK, GUY Songs And Stories (Dualtone)
  2. ROBINSON, NELL On The Brooklyn Road (Nell Robinson Music)
  3. JOY KILLS SORROW This Unknown Science (Signature Sounds)
  4. BLUE HIGHWAY Sounds Of Home (Rounder)
  5. CARSON, RUSS Last Chance (Patuxent)
  6. COLL I'll Take Love: From The Pen Of Louisa Branscomb (Compass)
  7. HISAW, ERIC Ghost Stories (Self-Release)
  8. DEHLIA LOW Ravens & Crows (Rebel)
  9. GILMORE, JIMMIE DALE W/THE WRONGLERS Heirloom Music (Neanderthal)
  10. HOSKING, RITA Burn (Self-Release)

  1. BLACK SABBATH Master Of Reality (Deluxe) (Vertigo)
  2. SUB-ROSA No Help For The Mighty Ones (Profound Lore)
  3. WITHOUT GOD Lambs To The Slaughter (R.A.I.G.)
  4. AUTOPSY Macabre Eternal (Peaceville)
  5. ILSA Tutti Il Colori Del Buio (Dark Descent)
  6. BRUTAL TRUTH End Time (Relapse)
  7. MASTER Human Machine, The (Pulverized)
  8. PREMONITION 13 13 (Volcom Entertainment)
  9. GALLHAMMER End, The (Peaceville)
  10. NEGATIVE PLANE Stained Glass Revelations (Ajna Offensive)

  1. SBTRKT Sbtrkt (Young Turks)
  2. ZOMBY Dedication (4AD)
  3. APPARAT Devil's Walk, The (Mute Ltd)
  4. SALVA Complex Housing (Fof Music)
  5. TIGER & WOODS Through The Green (Running Back)
  6. NY*AK Tight On The White (Audio Parallax)
  7. COLL Dikso - Super Sound Single Vol. 3 (Dikso)
  8. AZARI & III Azari & Iii (Loose Lips)
  9. MIDLAND Through Motion (Aus)
  10. VANITY THEFT Vanity Theft Remixess (Vigilante)