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KZSU chart for month of March 2012

  1. COUGH COOL Cough Cool (Debacle)
  2. TENNIS Young&Old (Fat Possum)
  3. GUNN-TRUSCINSKI DUO Ocean Parkway 12" (Three Lobed)
  4. COLL Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton 12" (Agitated)
  5. SEA LIONS Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sea Lions, But Were Afraid To Ask (Slumberland)
  6. BLACK KEYS, THE El Camino (Nonesuch)
  7. IMPERIAL TEEN Feel The Sound (Merge)
  8. HOSPITALITY Hospitality (Merge)
  9. CUTLER, CHRIS/FRITH, FRED/DIMUZIO, THOMAS Golden State 12" (Rer Megacorp)
  10. ISLANDS A Sleep And A Forgetting (Anti- / Epitaph)
  11. SHE'S, THE Then It Starts To Feel Like Summer (Self-Release)
  12. MEGABATS Solaria (Debacle)
  13. SIGUR ROS Inni (Xl)
  14. PLANTE Harvest 12" (Fedora Corpse)
  15. ACID BABY JESUS Lp (Slovenly)
  16. GOTYE Making Mirrors (Universal Republic)
  17. ILLUHA Shizuku (12k)
  18. RADAR EYES Radar Eyes (Hozac)
  19. DEER TICK Divine Providence (Partisan)
  20. THEEANNOYING Composition I (Edgetone)
  21. SCOTT, SIMON Bunny (Miasmah)
  22. FROM THE MOUTH OF THE SUN Woven Tide (Experimedia)
  23. ASH REITER Heatwave (Collectrecords.Org)
  24. TRUE WIDOW As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The E (Kemado)
  25. ROSEBUDS, THE Loud Planes Fly Low (Merge)
  26. DEAF Pocketknives & Friendship Bracelets (Self-Release)
  27. JACK RUBY Jack Ruby (Ugexplode)
  28. BLEEDING KNEES CLUB Virginity (Iamsound)
  29. ASTEROIDS GALAXY TOUR, THE Out Of Frequency (Bmg Distribution)
  30. DIAZ-INFANTE, ERNESTO Civilian Life (Pax)
  31. COLL District Of Noise Vol. 4 12" (Sonic Circuits)
  32. JARRETT, KEITH Rio (Ecm)
  33. BARDO POND + TOM CARTER 4/25/03 (Three Lobed)
  34. MALLARD, THE Yes In Blood (Self-Release)
  35. CARNIVORES If I'm Ancient (Double Phantom)
  36. STRANGE HOLIDAY Archipelago (Self-Release)
  37. MEMORY TAPES Player Piano (Carpark)
  38. MERRITT, STEPHEN Obscurities (Merge)
  39. GRINGO STAR Count Yer Lucky Stars (Gigantic Music)
  40. BROWN BIRD Salt For Salt (Supply And Demand Music)
  41. MONKEY POWER TRIO, THE Who Cares What The Vultures Want 7" (Pochahontas Swamp Machine)
  42. DEJOHNETTE, JACK Sound Travels (Eone Music)
  43. DR. DOG Be The Void (Anti-)
  44. A DEATH CINEMATIC New World, The (Simple Box Construction)
  45. BALKAN BEAT BOX Give (National Geographic Music)
  46. GALACTIC Carnivale Electricos (Anti- / Epitaph)
  47. HEAD ON ELECTRIC Sleep Slaughter Sheep (Dusty Medical)
  48. SPOKES Everyone I Ever Met (Counter)
  49. MONROEVILLE Monroeville (Monroeville)
  50. CUT OFF YOUR HANDS Hollow (Frenchkiss)
  51. GIRLS Father, Son, Holy Ghost (True Panther Sounds)
  52. PHANTOGRAM Nightlife (Barsuk)
  53. CRYSTAL STILTS Radiant Door Ep (Sacred Bones)
  54. PSYCHIC ILLS Hazed Dream (Sacred Bones)
  55. TICE, JORDAN TRIO Secret History, The (Patuxent)
  56. POTTINGER, CHRIS Moist Membrane 12" (Tasty Soil)
  57. MUSILLAMI, MICHAEL TRIO +4 Mettle (Playscape)
  58. PUNCH BROTHERS Who's Feeling Young Now? (Nonesuch)
  59. KROMELOW, ADAM TRIO Youngblood (Zoho Music)
  60. MORGANFIELD, MUD Son Of The Seventh Son (Severn)

  1. WHO CARES Teenage Ego Trip (Gamma 79)
  2. AMAD-JAMAL Barely Hanging On: The Chronicles Of A Brotha Like Rodney King (Urban Umpires)
  3. J LIVE S.P.T.A. Said Person Of That Ability (Triple Threat Productions)
  4. ANIMAL FARM Culture Shock (Focused Noise)
  5. BODEGA BROVAS Now Or Never (Hipnott)
  6. GRENEBERG Greneberg (Decon)
  7. J ROCC Some Cold Rock Stuf (Stones Throw)
  8. ACTION BRONSON Bronsonmania Delux (Pf Cuttin)
  9. DEDICATED SERVERS Night Time (Self-Release)
  10. TERMINOLOGY & REKS Live From Atl (St.)

  1. BALKAN BEAT BOX Give (National Geographic Music)
  2. COLL Rough Guide To Morocco (World Music Network)
  3. MATHLOUTHI, EMEL Kelmti Horra (World Village)
  4. GOOGOOSH Googoosh (B-Music)
  5. EL GUSTO ORCHESTRA OF ALGIERS El Gusto (Quidam Productions/Remark Music)
  6. COLL Playing For Change 2: Songs Around The World (Hear Music)
  7. COLL Bollywood Bloodbath (Finders Keepers)
  8. VAGABOND OPERA Sing For Your Lives! (Self-Release)
  9. DUBMATIX Atomic Subsonic (Nocturne)
  10. ZION TRAIN State Of Mind (Universal Egg)

  1. JARRETT, KEITH Rio (Ecm)
  2. DEJOHNETTE, JACK Sound Travels (Eone Music)
  3. MUSILLAMI, MICHAEL TRIO +4 Mettle (Playscape)
  4. KROMELOW, ADAM TRIO Youngblood (Zoho Music)
  5. PERDOMO, LUIS Universal Mind (Rkm Music)
  6. ADASIEWICZ, JASON / SUN ROOMS Spacer (Delmark)
  7. BROWN, JOHN Quiet Time (Brown Boulevard)
  8. APPLEYARD, PETER & THE JAZZ GIANTS Lost 1974 Sessions, The (Linus)
  9. IYER, VIJAY Accelerando (Act Music)
  10. MELA, FRANCISCO / CUBAN SAFARI Tree Of Life (Half Note)

  1. MORGANFIELD, MUD Son Of The Seventh Son (Severn)
  2. DADDY MACK BLUES BAND Pay The Piper (Inside Sounds)
  3. JAMES, NATHAN What You Make Of It (Delta Groove Music, Inc.)
  4. CHARLES, RAY Singular Genius (Concord Music Group, Inc.)
  5. ARMSTRONG, JAMES Blues At The Border (Cat Food)
  6. WALKER, JOE LOUIS Hellfire (Alligator)
  7. ARNOLD, MAC Blues Revival (Self-Release)
  8. COSTELLO, SEAN At His Best -Live (Landslide)
  9. BIG JAMES Big Payback, The (Blind Pig)
  10. HERITAGE BLUES ORCHESTRA And Still I Rise (Raisin Music)

  1. MONROEVILLE Monroeville (Monroeville)
  2. PUNCH BROTHERS Who's Feeling Young Now? (Nonesuch)
  3. CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS Leaving Eden (Nonesuch)
  4. URBAN MONROES Pavement And Pathways (Mountain Sky Media)
  5. SNYDER FAMILY BAND Stages (Mountain Roads)
  6. SCOTT, DARRELL Long Ride Home (Full Light)
  7. FLINNER, MATT TRIO Winter Harvest (Compass)
  8. LOW, JAMES WESTERN FRONT, THE Whiskey Farmer (Union Made Record Co.)
  9. PARDEKOOPER, KELLY Yonder (Leisure Time)
  10. LIVINGSTON, BOB Gypsy Alibi (New Wilderness)

  1. SUJO Terran (Inam)
  2. SUJO Diaspora (Inam)
  3. SHROUD OF WINTER Solstice Eclipse (Sonic Meditations)
  4. PILGRIM Misery Wizard (Poison Tongue)
  5. RAMESSES Chrome Pineal (Ritual Productions)
  6. UTUMNO Across The Horizon / The Light Of Day (Dark Descent)
  7. AT THE GRAVES Ii (Self-Release)
  8. VOIVOD To The Death 84 (Alternative Tentacles)
  9. ASH BORER Ash Borer (Psychic Violence)
  10. BURIED AT BIRTH Force / Quit (Give Praise)

  1. PENGUIN PRISON Penguin Prison (Downtown)
  2. PIG & DAN Saturn Storm (Herzblut)
  3. HESS IS MORE Creation Keeps The Devil Away (Nublu)
  4. OCTAVE ONE Revisited: Here, There, And Beyond (430 West)
  5. SCHNEIDER, GUIDO Stop Beating Around The Bush (Highgrade)
  6. INFINITY INK Games (Hot Creations)
  7. PILLOWTALK Far From Home (Wolf & Lamb)
  8. CARDACE, DANILO & ELLA PERAZZINI Blue Trees (Mihal Popoviciu Remix) (Bla Bla)
  9. PBR STREET GANG Downstroke (Hot Creations)
  10. SAFEWORD West Portal (Bad Animal)