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Fripp, Robert / Music for Quiet Moments
Album:Music for Quiet Moments Collection:General
Artist:Fripp, Robert Added:10/2020
Label:Dgm Records 

Album Review
Tom McCarter
Reviewed 2020-10-11 
Reviewed: 10-11-2020
Reviewer: Tom McCarter
Genre: General (X)
FCCs: none
Review: A pioneer and a master of ambient music, guitarist Fripp paints lengthy languid ethereal soundscapes using solo guitar, effects, & his own Frippertronics, allowing him to jam with himself, continuously improvising. All recorded in concert. Some tracks have the same titles, but were recorded at different times in different cities.
If You Like: Eno, Daniel Lanois, Robin Guthrie
Track Review (favorites denoted by *)::
*1/ Music For Quiet Moments 1 - Pastorale (6:41) - starts softly & slowly builds in complexity while maintaing a slow tempo> slow fade
**2/ Music for Quiet Moments 2 - GentleScape (13:16) - starts quietly> slow tempo> slowly builds in volume & intensity> slow fade
3/ Music for Quiet Moments 3 - Time Stands Still (9:22) - strong chords to start> slow tempo, the music rolls ins slow waves> slow fade
4/ Music for Quiet Moments 4 - Requiem (28:49) - heavy notes to start> slow tempo> slowly builds to a crescendo, then fades, & rebuilds again with an orchestral feel> slides into a spacey close in the final 5 minutes
**5/ Music For Quiet Moments 5 - Time Promenade (6:52) -spacey start> midtempo space jam builds *in complexity> slow fade
6/ Music For Quiet Moments 6 - Seascape (11:38) - shimmering notes slide into midtempo space jam> builds in volume & intensity> slow fade
***7/ Music For Quiet Moments 7 - At The End Of Time (13:09) - low drone starts> slow tempo> music arrives in waves> slow build to crescendo, the rebuilds> slides into shimmery space jam> slow fade
8/ Music For Quiet Moments 8 - Evensong (9:21) - high drone starts> midtempo pastoral feel slowly builds in volume & intensity> slow fade
**9/ Music For Quiet Moments 9 - Promenade (4:09) - high drone starts> midtempo pulsing jam morphs into expansive space landscape, then builds back up> quick stop
10/ Robert Fripp - Music For Quiet Moments 10 - Pastorale (6:38) - high drone starts> slow string-like pastoral drifting> slow fade
*11/ Music For Quiet Moments 11 - Skyscape (10:22) -drifting synth starts> slow undulating tempo like fairies dancing> slow fade
12/ Music For Quiet Moments 12 - Seascape (6:44) -low drone starts> ethereal strings-like slow orchestral piece with tiny crescendos slowly builds in volume & intensity, then mellows to fade
*13/ Music For Quiet Moments 13 - Horizon (10:08) -slow pulsating drone starts> intersecting instrumentation slowly builds on volume & intensity> slow fade
**14/ Music For Quiet Moments 14 - Time Procession (12:54) - drone starts> slow sliding notes in the upper registers with music washing over in waves, & climbing higher> slow fade
*15/ Music For Quiet Moments 15 - Affirmation (14:02) - high drone to start, quickly jumps to midtempo heavy spacey orchestral building toward a climax, then mellows & builds again> slow fade
16/ Music For Quiet Moments 16 - Aspiration (7:42) - high drone starts> slow modular spacey> slow fade
17/ Music For Quiet Moments 17 - Elegy (3:23) - drone starts> slow pastoral dreamy short piece> slow fade
*18/ Music For Quiet Moments 18 - End Of Tim (12:15) - modular drone starts> spacey slow tempo with intersecting instrumentation> slow fade
**19/ Music For Quiet Moments 19 - Evensong (7:02) - orchestral start> heavy, spacey, ominous> slowly builds in volume> slow fade
*20/ Music For Quiet Moments 20 - Pastorale (7:06) - quiet sliding guitar starts> somber slow modulating shimmering> slow fade
21/ Music For Quiet Moments 21 - Paradise Regained (7:31) - quiet drone starts> shimmering high register sustained notes slowly builds in volume, then fades
22/ Music For Quiet Moments 22 - Elegy Pt1 (8:10) - quiet drone starts> modulating slow deep, then swings higher> slow fade
*23/ Music For Quiet Moments 23 - Elegy Pt2 (6:19) - sliding guitar starts> slow sliding pausing, music comes in waves> slowly builds to crescendo> slow fade
24/ Music For Quiet Moments 24 - Elegy Pt3 (8:59) - quiet drone starts> slow high register sliding notes> slowly builds into shimmering midtempo> slow fade

Track Listing
1.Music For Quiet Moments 1 - Pastorale 
13.Music for Quiet Moments 13 - Horizon
2.Music for Quiet Moments 2 - GentleScape 
14.Music for Quiet Moments 14 - Time Procession
3.Music for Quiet Moments 3 - Time Stands Stil 
15.Music for Quiet Moments 15 -Affirmation
4.Music for Quiet Moments 4 - Requiem 
16.Music for Quiet Moments 16 - Aspiration
5.Music for Quiet Moments 5 - Time Promenade 
17.Music for Quiet Moments 17 - Elegy
6.Music for Quiet Moments 6 - Seascape 
18.Music for Quiet Moments 18 - End of Time
7.Music for Quiet Moments 7- At the End of Time 
19.Music for Quiet Moments 19 - Evensong
8.Music for Quiet Moments 8 - Evensong 
20.Music for Quiet Moments 20 - Pastorale
9.Music for Quiet Moments 9 - Promenade 
21.Music for Quiet Moments 21 - Partadise Regained
10.Music for Quiet Moments 10 - Pastorale 
22.Music for Quiet Moments 22- Elegy Pt 1
11.Music for Quiet Moments 11 - Skyscape 
23.Music for Quiet Moments 23 - Elegy Pt. 2
12.Music for Quiet Moments 12 - Seascape 
24.Music for Quiet Moments 24 - Elegy Pt. 3