Föllakzoid / V
Album: V   Collection:General - Electronic
Artist:Föllakzoid   Added:Oct 2023
Label:Sacred Bones Records  

Album Review
Diego Aguilar-Canabal
Reviewed 2023-10-31
Dark minimal techno/krautrock from Chile, heavily sample-based and hypnotic, all with the same consistent guitar loop theme. All tracks mostly hew to that sepia-toned strain of nocturnal dance music sure to delight fans of Cluster, Nissenenmondai, Ricardo Villalobos, et al. FCC clean, vocals minimal and mostly indecipherable.

1. (17:49) swirling ambient noise builds into a throbbing minimal techno jam with pulsating guitar loops
2. (10:31) buzzing industrial synth, hazy whispers, and more upbeat, driving techno with dark guitar loops
3. (12:12)*** droning synth layers give way to a minimal techno banger
4. (12:55)** heavier, busier techno beats with dark synth and a robotic voice reading a list of random Indonesian numbers

Track Listing
1. I   3. Iii
2. Ii   4. Iiii