Dodge Jones Rage / West Coast Power Outage VII
Album: West Coast Power Outage VII   Collection:General
Artist:Dodge Jones Rage   Added:Oct 2023
Label:Tribe Tapes  

Album Review
Diego Aguilar-Canabal
Reviewed 2023-10-31
Noise/experimental electronics—remote COVID-era collaboration from a trio of noise veterans including Chris Dodge from Spazz and Bacteria Cult. Glitchy intergalactic satellite transmissions bubbling, braying, basking in its own lighthearted absurdity. For fans of the more slapstick strains of Japanese noise like Incapacitants, Hijokaidan, etc. Instrumental, FCC clean.

1. (5:21)* Shrieking staticky dial-up and helicopter sounds
2. (4:10) R2D2-style whirrs and beeps, haunted industrial echos
3. (4:25)** Grating buzzsaw noise, visceral square-wave hell
4. (1:39) Broken guitars, humming HVAC machines, distant distorted spoken word
5. (1:40) bleep bloop synth loops
6. (5:20) Harsh space laser blasts, cicada swarms, dizzying stereo feedback loops
7. (14:26)*** R2D2 getting eviscerated with a rusty chainsaw

Track Listing
1. Welcome to the Errordome   4. Train Station Worker A
2. Noise!   5. Train Station Worker B
3. Toronado   6. Moles, Then and Now
  7. New! Noise!! for 21st Noise Century Pt 3+4