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eveningly infinitely wipes
Reviewed 2012-06-09
eRikm - Transfall - Room40
first guitarist, turned to turntables and sound art. He has incorporated video into his performance. His work has been part of theatre and choreographies. He has made radio appearances, installations, and does other visual arts. His role is that of active composer, using media as sound object sources which undergo new generation and degeneration. Between the listener and his sources, eRikm mediates the preexisting sound. He hears his work as a piece performed, and goes about making the body of the music to be scored for the performers to collectively improvise who are asked to include their collective memory of their work into preparing for the final execution of the work, the realization, at the performance. His solo work is more granular, where he does everything himself, or in small collaborations. He receives the support of co_operative, an arts organization, who have worked with Radio Grenouille 88.8 FM in Marseille, where on the web they have an audio archive going from 1991 to 1999, check it out. So eRikm is from Marseille, and is French. On here eRikm appears with Philippe Cornus, who's past performances have included Karlheinz Stockhausen with Laborintus. Here eRikm plays along with members of the Laborintus Ensemble (French, together since 2004), on harp, clarinets, flute, and cello. He has played with Luc Ferrari along with Laborintus (Les Protorythmiques). He has collaborated with ZNGR Electro-Acoustic Ensemble (Carlos Zingaro - Violin, Emidio Buchino - Guitar, Carlos Santos - Laptop). He has worked with the wonderful vocalist Catherine Jauniaux, I recommend. Other collaborations have been with FM Einheit, Christian Marclay, and Bernard Stiegler the contemporary philosopher. He has appeared in the Atlantic Wave Festival of 2007. That festival ran from 2001 to 2007, over the years featuring; Chris Cutler, Eddie Prevost, Max Eastley, Gunter Mueller, John Butcher, Jac Berrocal, Sunny Murray, Janek Schaefer, Lol Coxhill, Rafael Toral, Chris Corsano, Okkyung Lee, Aki Onda, John Duncan, Oren Ambarchi, Thomas Koner, z'ev, Asmus Tietchens, Philip Jeck, Jacob Kirkegaard, Arnold Dreyblatt, Terre Thaemlitz, Tim Hecker, Jason Kahn, Achim Wollscheid, Marc Behrens, and others. He still does solo turntable shows. This 2011 cd release has text in French and English. This release has allowed eRikm to get out of his composing self and get into the role of director of his sound materials. Dieb 13 (turntables and PC) get special mention, as does Giuseppe Ielasi, and Thomas Lehn, and Lawrence English. Check out the rest they must be good. Room 40 is the label and put on the Open Frame festival. This year in conjunction with the John Cage centenary, the theme is silence (the vanishing states of natural quiet).
1 21:45 Austral - Is it whales and clarinets? Percussion like Noh theatre or Stravinsky? Like detuned, loose guitar strings. Nice chords, and electronics going hum and squeal. Finding those special note spaces and alternate play zones like meandering experimental instrumentalists find. Static tearing. Sound containers, each a different exhibit, each with a different sound/biology environment. The clarinets come back in and you are reminded this is ensemble work. The cello wines, with great tone control. This year Austral has been released as a DVD, with it's video.
2 4:08 Batfox Park - Field recording, processed and remixed. A spin on the Wheel of Fortune, to start off. Windy, grainy, heavy yet made of minute forms. Clicking and clacking. Shifting the planar field on a CD player. Discrete digital peaks. More Musique Concrete.
3 3:23 Klein Surface - Musical form derived from Felix Klein Mathematical Typology. Astral nebulae and construction noise. Soft and hard sound. Whirling and it ends.
4 9:42 Pavlova - Drawn out interaction between acoustic and electro-phenomena. Fresh. A sound of it's time. Some piano innards as well by Frederic Blondy.
5 5:08 Sossusvlei - Digital congregation of birds. Gourd or
wood like thumps. Ringing like from a dinner bell. Digital rain water. Also processed field recording. Twisted, gnarled, dissonant tones. Like the activity on the forest floor.
6 3:09 Ursprung - Ursprung was used by Nietzsche to refer to the ultimate or transcendent origin like God or the Platonic Form of the Good. For this piece it was a tunnel that places you from A to B, other sides of things, that served as the origin point of the work. Like a travel through a tunnel, only at 5 miles per hour, and a very short tunnel at that.
Danny Rubio Eveningly Infinitely Wipes

Track Listing
1. Austral   4. Pavlova
2. Batfox Park   5. Sossusvlei
3. Klein Surface   6. Ursprung