Roach Motel / It's Lonely At The Top
Album: It's Lonely At The Top   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Roach Motel   Added:Feb 2012
Label:Floridas Dying Records  

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1. Mar 17, 2012: Catharsis - St. Paddy's night
I Hate The Sunshine State
2. Feb 25, 2012: Catharsis
My Dog's Into Anarchy

Album Review
D. Cannibal
Reviewed 2012-02-25
Something about the humidity must have made these Florida punks mighty pissed back in the early 80s—pissed at Reagan, their moms, their home state, and especially YOU! If Black Flag’s Damaged LP was an “anti-parent” record then this is an anti-asshole record made by incorrigible assholes. The Floridas Dying label collects 21 of their assorted tracks—short, snotty polemics against Brooke Shields, Burger King, and fascism. Piss-raw production (or lack thereof) = riffs packing quite a punch. Play loud when you feel like getting revenge on society.
RIYL: Zero Boys, Rebel Truth, Jerry’s Kids, Fear; features a future member of Furious George
This is pretty straight-forward angry adolescent hardcore, so the track-by-track will instead focus on FCC violations to inform safe-harbor DJs.

FCCs: A 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 / B 1, 2, 8, 9

Side A:
1. (no fccs detected) In case you weren’t aware, these guys really hate Florida
2. FCC “bitch”
3. FCC “suck my dick”
4. oddly enough, there is a groove in the middle of the 3rd song, so if you try to cue the 4th track it is actually another refrain in this song… track 4 appears to be track 5, etc.—I’ll be compensating for this fuck-up on this review accordingly so DJs don’t get confused when cueing a track.
5. (4) FCC “fuck”
6. (5) FCC “fuck” Early version of a song that was later recorded by Furious George
7. (6) Live recording—vocals too incomprehensible for FCC violations
8. (7) The soundtrack to violently assaulting another teenager in amoshpit. FCC “shut the fuck up”
9. (8) According to the liner notes, “later plagiarized by Radiohead”. FCC: I think I heard “fuck” so assume I was correct just to be on the safe side
10. (9) intro riff rips off Bad Brains’ “Big Takeover”; this tune later inspired Fear’s song also called “More Beer”. Fcc CLEAN! Play this when you want MORE BEER
11. (10) lyrics are blurted out too fast for any FCCs to be detectable—this tune is pure speed and aggression
12. (11) fcc clean (I think), the only words I can discern are those of the title of the song—these guys really loved their MD 20/20
Side B:
1. FCC “they don’t fuckin’ care”
2. FCC “fucking” “fuck you”
3. fcc clean as far as I can tell (it’s fast!) and maybe their best tune so PLAY IT PLAY IT PLAY IT YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT
4. fcc clean (I think? Probably? Words are pretty slurred, singer is probably drunk)
5. fcc clean. PUNK RAWK ANTHEM! PLAY IT!
6. fcc clean, also a sick tune!
7. Slow (for hardcore punk), no FCCs detected, but that’s hardly a reliable assurance… hell, if I can’t hear any, what are the odds someone else will?
8. FCC “fucking” (adjective, not verb, so fine for safe harbor)
9. Slow-ish. FCC “fuckin’” (again, in the adjective form)
10. Apparently covering Grand Funk’s “American Band” was considered hilarious in the ‘80s. Really sloppy live recording.

Track Listing
1. I Hate The Sunshine State   11. Mad Dog 20/20
2. Now You're Gonna Die   12. Heart Attack
3. Make Me Sick   13. Florida Reptile Land
4. Brooke Shields Must Die   14. My Dog's Into Anarchy
5. Burger King Is Dead   15. Frenzy
6. Death Squad   16. Nothing To Lose
7. Shut Up   17. Mom Likes Drugs
8. Creep   18. Pizza Face
9. More Beer   19. Chowburger
10. Suburban Fun   20. I Wanna Keep My Gun
  21. American Band