Alger, Fanny / Yellow Monster
Album: Yellow Monster   Collection:General
Artist:Alger, Fanny   Added:Mar 2012
Label:Great Big Huge Company  

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Tip The Band
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Yellow Monster

Album Review
catherine harris
Reviewed 2013-04-05
Fanny Alger is self-consciously wacky, comedic group in the same vein as Flight of the Conchords, with lots of over the top guitar, affected voices, sampled old men mumbling and a pervasive, 70’s glam rock feel. They’re pretty out there. The songs are all literal interpretations of the track titles (the first track, “Pocket Dog” is actually about someone taking their pocket dog around town, whatever that is). Most tracks are upbeat and include distorted guitar, organ and lots of cymbal crashing. The lead singer’s voice is purposely exaggerated and a bit off kilter, but it works for this genre. FCC on 13. Try 1, 9.

1. (2:38)* Upbeat, celebratory, after-school special soundtrack feel, wacky
2. (2:24) Sampling of an old man’s voice interrupted by dance beat and frantic vocals about Elvis
3. (3:09) Mid-tempo spoken/sung coming of age story/ballad, brass band, groovy
4. (4:05) 80’s drum machine dance beat, shouted chorus, distorted guitar licks, cool walking bass
5. (2:12) Exposed acoustic guitar underneath gasping, wacky lyrics, picks up halfway with carousel music and percussion
6. (4:59) Heavily distorted, spacey, 70’s guitar, sweet bass, solid rock jam with over the top lyrics about “tipping the band”
7. (2:35) Sincere, optimistic vocals, acoustic guitar, hand clapping, upbeat
8. (1:38) Punk rock feel, distorted vocals about texting, lots of cheesey guitar and percussion
9. (4:59)* Sounds a bit like T. Rex, esp the guitar, wacky, jokey, half-shouted vocals, whispered harmony
10. (3:51) Crunchy, repetitive guitar melody base, organ, urgent vocals, wind-instrument inspired synth
11. (2:36) Voice yells “sharks!” at the beginning, organ, yelled, call and response vocals, gym teacher whistle
12. (3:16) Cheesey, deep-voiced spoken vocals, food related sexual innuendo, cool, dissonant guitar solo
13. (8:25) FCC. Sea gulls, xylophone, vocals and strummed acoustic guitar vaguely out of synch, ballad about seaman

Track Listing
1. Pocket Dog   7. Don't Know
2. Paul B. Macleod   8. Texting
3. Patches   9. Yellow Monster
4. Robert The Doll   10. Tcp
5. Pity Party   11. Truck Taco
6. Tip The Band   12. Hun Grey
  13. Spieden Island