Excavacations / Object Permanence
Album: Object Permanence   Collection:General
Artist:Excavacations   Added:Mar 2012
Label:Weird Forest  

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Janvier, Sine 1
2. May 19, 2012: the gilded youth
Sine 3
5. Apr 29, 2012: The Crooked Spoke Adjacent
Sine 3
3. May 14, 2012: Bridal Moments
Silver Salver
6. Apr 22, 2012: The Crooked Spoke Adjacent
Sine 3

Album Review
Adam Pearson
Reviewed 2012-03-19
Zoned out ambient pop. Enveloping, layered, melodic compositions with lots of synths, guitars, electronics, loops, samples, and washes. It’s not too noisy but definitely weirdo stuff. Most of the tracks are drone/ambient, while some begin that way and after adding straightforward vocals, I wonder why more ambient artists don’t experiment in this fashion. Sounds a little bit like Altar Eagle, Bridgetown Records, Atlas Sound, or Ducktails. This release combines and re-mastered previously recorded cassettes under Stunned Records, Avant Archive, and Paramita with four new tracks. All tracks fade into each other-beware. No FCCs.

*1. Slow dreamy synth ambiance ebbing and rocking; grasping, near shouted vocals in second half. (4:50)
*2. Acoustic guitar led bob, big hooks with open-hearted choruses. Reminds me of when Akron/Family guests on Do Make Say Think songs. (2:32)
3. Odd voicemail spoken word with tense ambient found sound sampling. (3:26)
4. Sustained fuzz lull, warm textures, looped ugly vocal effects. (3:20)
*5. Trippy synth gauze, tape manipulations, slow-mo arresting pop. (3:52)
6. Warped sequencers and synths, straightforward, almost power-pop rhythmic build. (3:54)
7. Heavily layered murky hum of feedback, distorted guitars, and drums. Last 30 seconds add upbeat pop vocals/rhythm to the mud. (10:44)
8. Futuristic keys and robotic vocal farting. (2:58)
9. Mechanical dreamy churn. Eraserhead with the reverb on and the bass blissed out until the guitar opens up into an infinite galaxy in the last two minutes. (6:22)
10. Dissonant, dreamy, streched guitar interlude. (1:30)
11. Unusual matching of vocals and warbled synth manipulations. Gets really poppy and jangly. (2:28)
12. Darker, slamming drums and melodic vocals. (2:03)
13. Big guitar chords, weird sampling, spaced-out satellite transmissions. (1:58)
14. Odd percussion experiments and voice mail. (1:54)
*15. Pleasant, relaxing ambient hypnotism that picks up in melodic guitar urgency during the last minute. Mr. Esq would say “relaxy.” Reminds me of a late-70s Bowie instrumental. (5:22)
16. Old Real Estate. Warm pop. (3:10)
17. Looped guitar, kaleidoscopic bells and synths. Emeralds? (2:00)
18. Atmospheric bass loop, loud guitar feedback and spoken-sung samples. (4:42)
19. Melodic fuzz sustain wash leads into percussive pound. (3:40)

Track Listing
1. Sine 1   10. Dogs From Under The Bed
2. Janvier   11. No Country
3. Lefthand Wandered   12. Stalk The House
4. Righthand Strayed   13. Gorgonxola
5. Sine 3   14. Murphy Please Message Time
6. Grape Ape Tobledrone   15. Yonsish
7. Porter   16. Silver Salver
8. Crushed To Bits   17. Short Solitude
9. Gished   18. Haru
  19. The Jumble Book