Iron Maiden / En Vivo!
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Artist:Iron Maiden   Added:Apr 2012
Label:Universal Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2012-04-13
Another live album from the immortal Iron Maiden, this one recorded in Chile during their latest world tour. South Americans go absolutely nuts for Maiden—this Santiago gig was in their big football stadium, and the impassioned crowd sings along to all the classics. Imagine if you got to see one of the greatest bands ever with your friends and family and everyone you know, getting drunk in the same stadium where you watch your home team beat those Argentine cabrones… yeah, you should be jealous of this audience. The band is in their 3rd decade of existence, and they’re still tight and powerful as ever. The only downside is a bit too much of the new material, which has tended to be a bit on the boring side—but it’s freakin Iron Maiden, so “boring” by their standards doesn’t really mean much. Three (!) guitars crank out their impeccably vital and triumphant harmonic anthems, while vocalist/pilot Bruce Dickinson hasn’t lost his touch at all.
FCC clean. Play the classic tunes!

Disc 1:
1. (4:36) Sattelite 15: intro to the next track from their new album. Subtle and creepy, but goes on waaay too long. Skip it.
2. (4:10) The Final Frontier: Anthemic rocker from their new album.
3. (5:53) El Dorado: Probably the best new song—it’s got that classic gallop; dark and vicious.
4. ***(5:51) 2 Minutes to Midnight: balls-out apocalyptic rockin’, maybe their best song from what is maybe their best album. PLAY IT!!
5. (8:46) The Talisman: epic, slow to start but soon charges like the light brigade
6. (5:58) Coming Home: another new song, a bit boring, midpaced contemplative march
7. (9:03) Dance of Death: more recent material, not too interesting but the crowd loves it. Mystifying and eerie intro gradually gives way to epic rock.
8. **(3:59) The Trooper: yeah, it’s THAT song they play at every show. I guess they never get tired of it.
9. (5:07) The Wicker Man: another highlight from a more recent album—soaring, victorious asskicking.

Disc 2:
1. (7:04) Blood Brothers: slightly more boring track from a recent album, still good but drags on too long
2. (10:37) Where the Wild Wind Blows: speaking of too long… actually, it’s nicely paced, great crescendos, rocks all the way through.
3. ***(4:17) The Evil That Men Do: CLASSIC MAIDEN! If this doesn’t get your blood pumping, you’re probably dead.
4. **(7:30) Fear of the Dark: the big hit that South America loves, always a crowd pleaser—in fact, the crowd sings along a bit too much for my taste. Still awesome.
5. (5:08) Iron Maiden: the classic self-titled track! Dickinson proves he can even kick ass with the Di’anno material.
6. **(4:58) The Number of the Beast: SIX SIX SIX! It’s that tune, man—crank it!
7. ***(7:29) Hallowed Be Thy Name: A really badass, energetic version of this epic, Maiden’s own Symphonie Fantastique, so to speak.
8. (7:58) Running Free: badass version of this Di’anno classic. Band introductions during the solo section extends this tune quite a bit. The crowd goes ballistic.

Track Listing
1. Satellite 15   9. The Wicker Man
2. The Final Frontier   10. Blood Brothers
3. El Dorado   11. When The Wind Blows
4. 2 Minutes To Midnight   12. The Evil That Men Do
5. The Talisman   13. Fear Of The Dark
6. Coming Home   14. Iron Maiden
7. Dance Of Death   15. The Number Of The Beast
8. The Trooper   16. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  17. Running Free