3 Leafs / En Super Forme
Album: En Super Forme   Collection:General
Artist:3 Leafs   Added:May 2012

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 10, 2015: Everything A to Z Week 06
Guacamole Window
4. Jun 04, 2012: Bridal Moments
Guacamole Window
2. May 08, 2013: minimum entropy
Guacamole Window
5. Jun 02, 2012: Catharsis
Guacamole Window
3. Apr 25, 2013: Daydream Disaster
Spirit Week

Album Review
Reviewed 2012-05-17
Live album from local space rock wizards. (They’ve been making quite a buzz with their self-released LPs, which they’ve promised to send us… in the meantime, check this out!) Astoundingly tight syncopation in the drums and a groovy bass drives these free-floating pieces into unexplored territory. Krautrock synth insanity and hints of hazy yet eloquent guitar noodling take this into some delightfully bizarre sonic realms. Features Tim Cohen of Fresh & Onlys. RIYL Hawkwind, Can, Sun Araw, Bardo Pond

1. (13:42) hovering synth ambience and feedback swirls hover around a steady bass ostinato… somewhere a hazy song drifts around, but it’s mostly just a pulsating, bubbling jam
2. (8:06) pretty much the same formula as above, with some haunting guitar melodies
3. (6:56) head-noddin’ groove with some mystical middle-eastern guitar lines melting and expanding
4. (11:16)** SPACE THE FUCK OUT! Great toe-tapping pulse holds everything together while the synths explore alien dimensions over some top-notch jazz drumming.

Track Listing
1. As Space As Impossible   3. Finaler
2. Spirit Week   4. Guacamole Window