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Artist:Fidlar   Added:May 2012

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Got No Money
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Got No Money

Album Review
Catherine Anne Tadina
Reviewed 2012-08-12
Punk/stoner band FIDLAR (“Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk”)’s second album is still energetic and rebellious but takes a more laid-back approach than their previous ferociously loud EP, Diydui. It’s like being a bit subdued after a day of mischief and crazy shenanigans. Lo-fi vocals, reverbs, 70s punky riffs. An okay album; I liked their crazy first one much, much better. FCC on 1. Favorites (in order): 3, 2, 4. RIYL: Spizzenergi, Turf War, Pujol

1. No Waves (2:19) – FCC “fucking”. Fast. Upbeat, happy-go-lucky laid-back. Surfy garage. Addicting punky guitar riff and muffled vocals with clapping rhythm in the background. Imagine chilling out after a day of hijinks – you still have energy but you’re more subdued.
2. *No Ass (1:33) – Mid. 70s punk-esque guitar riffs, drumming, and distorted vocals (couldn’t tell if there was an FCC with the distorted vocals). Think Sex Pistols.
3. **Black Out Stout (3:03) – Mid-slow. Surfy and poppy. Laid-back! Quiet electro guitar strumming in the beginning then fades into loud, hypnotic 70s-esque punk guitar riffs. “Aaaahs” with distorted vocals. Epic ruminating riffs and drums at 1:18.
4. *Got No Money (2:08) – Mid-Fast. The clapping rhythm in the background, as well as the cheery punk is back. Cool riff at 0:40. Silence at last 0:10 seconds of song.

Reviewed by DJ Cat--

Track Listing
1. No Waves   3. Black Out Stout
2. No Ass   4. Got No Money