Sarah, George / Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace
Album: Who Sleep The Sleep Of Peace   Collection:General
Artist:Sarah, George   Added:May 2012

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1. Jul 02, 2013: Good Day Sunshine!
Drag Ass W/ Swayzak

Album Review
Reviewed 2013-06-27
GEORGE SARAH: “Who Sleep The Sleep of Peace” – Classical sounds with some new beats. Pretty music, with mixed moods. Generally, I preferred the Instrumentals.
Personal Faves: 15, 8, 11, 14, 7, 12, 9, 10 – Sunshine, June 2013

*1 “Anna” – Peaceful guitar strumming with a flute, violin. La-La female vocals. Lullaby (4:05)
***2 “Cloudy” –Sad guitar and tambourine. Then some guitar. Instrumental. (4:16)
***3 “Emo” – Surreal, echoey beats. Pace quickens and slows. Somber female vocals. (4:20)
**4 “Afterglow” – Spacey bowed strings. Blippy cymbals. Unusual rhythms inserted. Instrumental. (4:53)
***5 “Solace” – Piano, with upbeat blippiness. Violin. Instrumental. (4:51)
**6 "All That is Left is Lost” – Somber, with background beats. Subtle female vocals. Pace accelerates a bit almost halfway. Somewhat repetitive. (5:11)
****7 “Lamentr” – Upbeat, island feeling. Action soundtrack, then back to low-key relaxation. Instrumental. (3:21)
***** 8 “I Know Trees” -- Much more upbeat than prior tracks. Violin with rhythm. Instrumental. (6:15)
****9 “Moja Bila Moja” – Island dancing! Vacation. Foreign female vocals. (4:01)
****10 “Kiss of the Dust Mites” – Percolating. Interesting sound effects, joined by chamber instruments. Instrumental. (4:20)
*****11 “Tomorrow Never Came” – Frenzied rhythms. Strings. Orchestra mixed with Casio. Instrumental. (5:19)
****12 “Spalding Grey Can’t Swim” – Upbeat rhythms. Grooves. English-accented male vocals reminiscent of Flash And The Pan’s “Man Who Knew The Answer”. Rather sad lyrics. (4:30)
***13 “Manatee” – Spacey, surreal sounds. Cash register mixed with upright bass. Becomes somber, glum. (7:24)
*****14 “Ours” – Cool midtempo beats. Air of mystery. Violins. Instrumental. (5:02)
*****15 “Drag Ass” – Cool moodiness. Pace quickens. Groovy beatz. Almost danceable. Instrumental. (8:56)

Track Listing
1. Anna W/ Angela Mccluskey (Telepopmusic, Wild Colonials)   8. I Know Trees
2. Alain Whyte (Morrisey) James Fearnley (The Pogues)   9. Moja Bila Moja
3. Cloudy   10. Kiss Of The Dust Mites (String Arrangement By Lili Haydn)
4. Afterglow   11. Tomorrow Never Came
5. Solace   12. Spalding Grey Can't Swim W/ David J (Bauhaus, Love N' Rockets)
6. All That Is Left Is Lost W/ Gingger Shankar (The Passion Of The Christ)   13. Manatee
7. Lament   14. Ours
  15. Drag Ass W/ Swayzak