Exusamwa / Phase Iv
Album: Phase Iv   Collection:General
Artist:Exusamwa   Added:Jun 2012
Label:100% Breakfast Records  

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The Defiance Of Good

Album Review
Carl M
Reviewed 2013-02-09
Exusama/Phase IV
Label: 100% Breakfast!
Reviewed By Carl M
Loud, bizarre punk, with extremely distorted and somewhat disturbing vocals. Really lo-fi distortion on guitars. You might like this if you enjoy The Locust.

Favorites(?): The Defiance of Good, Creek

1. (0:52) Phase 1 Normal Movement – Sounds of crickets and other bugs, and some other strange electronic signals.
2. (0:27) Entiat– Singer in very high register, super distorted guitars playing typical punk rhythms with dissonant melodies.
3. (0:45) Stranger in a Bag – Singer sounds like an air-raid siren, a little bit faster of a track.
4. (0:36) Bad Lady – Very Locust-ey guitar riff, then more air-raid siren vocals, little drum solo.
5. *(1:21) The Defiance Of Good – Total change of pace (beside vocals). Acoustic guitars, bongos. Some interesting melodies once drums come in.
6. (0:34) Wash Gouache – Back to explosive punk. Lots of pauses and fast ride cymbal beats.
7. (0:45) Phase II Alarm – Sample of somebody screaming very loudly with guitar feedback going off sporadically.
8. (0:49) Collabo – Loud thrashy punk, vocals are really frantic here.
9. (0:44) Is Anybot Home – Syncopated punk, gets faster and faster.
10. *(1:14) Creek – Completely different than anything on the album before this. Mike Patton-esque vocals, guitars playing somewhat melodic chords, with some interspersed harp sounds.
11. (0:34) 10 Cent Cords – Pretty standard punk song, more audible rhythms than some of the other once.
12. (1:05) Phase III Attack – Sounds of bees and other distorted samples, getting higher in frequency.
13. (0:33) Derit – More loud punk, singer sounds very argumentative.
14. (0:38) Somewhat catchy rhythm at one point, otherwise mostly homogenous sounding punk.
15. (2:18) Phase IV – Vocoder vocals, synths playing melodies. Like a bizarre, dissonant version of a typical 80s synth-pop song.

Track Listing
1. Phase I: Normal Movement   8. Collabo
2. Entiat   9. Is Anybot Home?
3. Stranger In A Bag   10. Creek
4. Bad Lally   11. 10 Cent Cords
5. The Defiance Of Good   12. Phase Iii: Attack
6. Wash Gouache   13. Derit
7. Phase Ii: Alarm   14. Sirens
  15. Phase Iv