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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2012-07-05
This is Dubstep 2012
Reviewed by Sadie O., 7/5/12
Dubstep from the UK. All tracks run together, so you can put it on continuous play just like a remix album. Huzzah! It seems that UK Dubstep has become just a tad mainstream – there are some very indie-pop elements. Still lots of gronches and woobles!
Sounds like an FCC on CD 2, track 16.
My faves are CD 1 track 7 and CD 2 track 18.
1. 4:07 *fast, jungle-clubby, high female vocals – 80’s Euro-pop feel.
2. 3:39 ***slow, crowd noises and electronics, beat fades out and back with lots of proper dubsteppy gronches and weebles.
3. 4:48 **slow, sparce, echo-laden thumps and squeebles.
4. 4;34 ***repeated male vocal line intro, then big engine take-off, and gronchy huge fat toads.
5. 3:33 **fast beat, Bowie-esque screenchies. Bit of quiet beebles, then scratchy stuff…
6. 4:41 ***slow buzzy scronches, spoken countdowns. Itchy as mess. Then happy ptangptang dance.
7. 4:34 ****woobles, sinister ambiance, bits of pretty but ominous Max Romeo vocals. (Oddly, he sounds a bit like David Bowie…)

8. 4:07 ***wheeze, slow boops, extremely distorted and alarming vocals, woobles.
9. 3:52 **slow lopsided beat, chimey things. Almost kinda pretty.
10. 4:34 **woozzes, female vocals. Very Euro-80’s.
11. 3:40 ***slow, EXTREMELY metallic. Not like Heavy Metal, like chromium.
12. 4:06 **slow and fuzzy. Rumbles, good bedtime music.
13. 3:54 **slow, hints of reggae riddim way back in the mix, tiny bits of fractured vocals.
14. 2:58 ***similar, but with more scronches. I think. Some Dancehall horns, too.
15. 3:39 **plinky-bats, occasionally odd female vocals. Nice little bouncy beat.
16. 4:07 ***slow, sparce, echo-laden, whooobly. I’m pretty sure they’re friendly giants, but I’m not going to pet them. Hm… bit of 6 Million Dollar Man?
17. 2:58 ***double-time beat, rather jaunty. Rubber echoes. I feel like you could almost dance to this.
18. 4:07 **spoken word intro, springs. Slow, sparce, woobles. Rather tinny.
19. 3:39 ***slow, kinda soulful processed male vocals. Relaxed, quite pleasant. In a woobly kinda way… Modulates at the end.
20. 4:14 **slow piano and groovy pina colada swing. Birdcalls, but otherwise disturbingly normal for a Lee Scratch Perry number. Beat and electronics fade out, very soft and sparce ending.
1. 4:21 *low, mellow piano opening, slow piano-based Brit-indie-pop turning into electronic club thump.
2. 4:34 *midtempo swirling electronics, high female pop vocals. Gets dubsteppier (and better) as it goes along…
3. 5:02 **slow, blatty, ominous… Bits of male speaking, terrible dramatic. Woofy noises, to complement the blats.
4. 4:07 **slow one-drop, flute-y sounds, bongos.
5. 3:12 ***slow one-drop with male chanting and serious woobles. Last half a minute goes all wimpy.
6. 4:33 *slow, alt-pop vocals. goes floaty-trancey midway through.
7. 3:47 ***rusty gates with insects perched on them. Rather plinky and sweet.
8. 2:52 ***tough vocal bits, slow swingy syncopated beat, scratchy woobles. Nice.
9. 4:34 ***metallic bangs and woobles. False ending a minute from end.
10. 3:39 ***slow, downbeat, hints of crickets. Gets quite wistful…
11. 4:07 *farfisa arpeggios, breathy female vocals with pitch correction… A bit cinematic, then trance-y. Actual ending!
12. 4:34 **slow, a bit metallic, pretty and relatively non-processed female vocals. Rather nice contrast. Tweety/chirpy at end.
13. 3:39 ***that’s more like it! Metal Machine Music with a one-drop beat and woobly bits.
14. 3:39 **disco noises and cute little syncopations. Pretty chimes in second half of song.
15. 4:35 ***slow, with chance of woobles.
16. 3:53 FCC – least, it sounds like “fuckin” **slow and very plodding, squoops and tiny bits of vocals.
17. 3:22 ***ponderous with a bit of glitch, growly things and squeaky things.
18. 3:55 ****loud and very metallic and skreeky. Large and rather threatening. It’s laughing at you. Can you tell?
19. 3:13 ***slow and rather quiet, with an ALARMING AIR OF MENACE. Um.
20. 3:45 *sweeping orchestral electronics, pretty, echo-y, very high female vocals.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Nero Promises
2. Chase & Status Feat. Tinie Tempah Hitz
3. Skream Hedd Banger
4. Modestep Sunlight (2011)
5. Benga Faithless
6. Flux Pavilion Meathead
7. Goth-Trad Feat. Max Romeo Babylon Fall
8. Icicle & Distance Exhale
9. Mala (Digital Mystikz) Livin Different
10. Cutline Feat. Belle Humble Runnin
11. Kromestar & Dark Tantrums Circles
12. Cyrus Winter Writer
13. Phaeleh Fuzzbox
14. Tunnidge Control
15. Benny Page Taking Over
16. Benton 20/20
17. Djg Here Come The Dark Lights
18. Mrk1 Fight (Plastician Remix)
19. Mr Lager Feat. Asher Dust Four Leaf Clover (Von D Remix)
20. Lee Scratch Perry Vs Mala Like The Way You Should (Digital Mystikz Remix)
21. Ed Sheeran You Need Me, I Don't Need You (Gemini Remix)
22. Jess Mills Live For What I'd Die For
23. Tes La Rok Virus
24. Skream Bahl Fwd
25. Boston Cream 16bit
26. Author Feat. Ed Thomas Turn
27. Horsepower Productions Nothing Can Go Wrong
28. Truth Direct Blow
29. V.I.V.E.K Danger
30. J:Kenzo Nocturnal Feelings
31. Gemini Graduation
32. Kryptic Minds Feat. Alys Be Can't Sleep
33. Psy:Am & Stinkahbell Don't Tell Mum About Ibiza
34. Jakes Too Late
35. Biome Space
36. Lost Stompa
37. Distance Drawn
38. Sigma The Jungle (Funtcase Remix)
39. Sleeper And District Dungeon Style
40. Above&Beyond Feat.Zoe Johnston Love Is Not Enough (Syncro Remix)