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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2012-12-14
Rough Guide to Hungary
Reviewed by Sadie O., 12/13/12
Mostly very strongly tied to the Roma musical tradition in Central/Eastern Europe, very folky, often traditional and acoustic instruments.
CD 1:
1. 5:01 **stately café gavotte with violins. Turns into a mad romp for the last minute.
2. 2:25 **pretty female a capella, very Eastern European.
3. 4:20 ****high speed violin sawing and walking bass, turns into a proper boogie – very nice! Gypsy funk…
4. 4:20 **piano arpeggios, very fraught and redolent of cigarette smoke and regret. Goes all hyper for last minute and a half.
5. 5:11 **super high speed plinky strings, folk dance. Lots of Opa! Clarinet and accordion solos. Project specifically intended to preserve Roma music.
6. 3:13 **lovely and expressive female harmonies, very, very wistful and slow.
7. 2:54 **upbeat and bouncy strings, midtempo Gypsy/Klezmer. Male vocals.
8. 5:35 **plinky unplugged ethnofolk, upbeat female vocals and chorus. Goes into very uptempo and skippy flute and fiddle frenzy. Ends in a merry little march.
9. 3:14 ***sweet Gypsy jazz café with female vocals. Swingy and nice.
10. 2:57 **pretty, mellow hurdy-gurdy music with some well-mannered horns and strings, choral vocals.
11. 2:30 ***completely manic fiddle-based romp with nonsense female vocals.
12. 4:01 **pretty, plinky strings and flute, extremely lovely female vocals. A bit redolent of some Celtic trad.
13. 2:44 ****uptempo and upbeat, mostly male vocals, seriously party music, Gypsy style. Fun insidental vocals, almost beatboxing…
14. 3:20 **high speed fiddle dance from the new generation of folk musicians. Very nice clarinet solo.
15. 4:29 ****whistling and guitar intro, turns into a fantastic circus march from a dreamscape…
16. 3:31 *very sparse horns and female vocals, mellow as all heck. Pretty, but it’s kinda putting me to sleep…
17. 3:15 *****awesome springy instruments and manic vocals. Although based in Roma music, it’s completely modern and crazy fun!
CD 2 (Tárkány-Müvek):
Traditional Hungarian meets avante-garde and café jazz. Involves the Cimbalom, which is sort of large and complex dulcimer.
1. 3:17 ***very fast, bouncy plinky Gypsy café jazz instrumental. Halfway along, it gets a swing bounce and licorice stick.
2. 2:48 **minor chord, and pretty female vocals with a very Eastern European style. Slow, no percussion, but a fair amount of tension…
3. 5:01 *pretty solo clarinet intro, then minor key jazzy piano, female vocals, high and pretty. Noodly jazz clarinet outro.
4. 4:56 **upbeat minor (diminished, even) chord jazzy something, light and pretty female vocals. Gets uptempo and swingy with quite a clarinet solo.
5. 4:32 *terribly sad-sounding vocals and tinkly piano. Gets a bit of mild Gene Krupa drum, uptempo but minor-key.
6. 2:35 **quite dramatic (but rather soft) piano arpeggios and sad vocals. Avante-garde and a bit dischordant.
7. 3:11 ***happy, plinky, upbeat and uptempo, rather like a polka w/ a klezmer/café fee/. Pleasant, apart from the Gitano smoke.
8. 4:34 ***upbeat jazzy bopper. Reminds me of “Those Were the Days, My Friend”…
9. 11:58 *very sparse and slow piano and flute intro. Makes me sad, and I’m already sad enough… Builds slowly, lots of solos and improv. Vocals only in last minute and a half. SAD.
10. 5:08 ***midtempo café jazz with upright bass, high, light vocals. Hungary’s answer to Edith Piaf? Goes all fast and bouncy right at the end.
11. 6:32 *extremely soft and slow chords, sweet vocals. Almost unbearably mellow clarinet solo. SUDDENLY goes all uptempo bouncy with accordion.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Lakatos Róbert Es A Rév Erdélyes (Transylvanian)
2. Beáta Palya Ágról-Ágra (From Branch To Branch)
3. Kerekes Band Csángó Boogie
4. Kalman Balogh & Gipsy Cimbalom Band Keserédes Kávé (Bittersweet Coffee)
5. Söndörgo & Ferus Mustafov Kisacko Kolo
6. Bela Lakatos &The Gypsy Youth Project Puter Mama (Mother Open)
7. Di Naye Kapelye & The TécsőI Banda Baj Van Medley
8. Csürrentő Süss Fel Nap (Come Out, Sun!)
9. Ági Szalóki Elmentem A Piacra
10. Hungarian Hurdy-Gurdy Orchestra Mikor Kend Es Pista Batyam
11. Szalonna And His Band With Ágnes Herckzu Hegedut A Kezibe (The Fiddle In His Hand)
12. Szilvia Bognár A Szeretet Próbája (A Test Of True Love)
13. Parno Graszt Rávágok A Zongorára (Hit The Piano)
14. Buda Folk Band Kurucz Mahala
15. Csík Band & András Lovasi Csillag Vagy Fecske (Star Or Swallow)
16. Prímás Parade Megy A Nap Lefelé (Now The Sun Starts To Sink)
17. Mitsoura Kelushka
18. Tárkány Muvek Csípd
19. Tárkány Muvek A Pünkösdi Rózsa
20. Tárkány Muvek Hess Páva
21. Tárkány Muvek Semmi Sem Hasonlít Hozzád
22. Tárkány Muvek Még A Fák Is Sírnak
23. Tárkány Muvek Oszi Vázlat
24. Tárkány Muvek Úgy Szeretlek
25. Tárkány Muvek Csiririp
26. Tárkány Muvek Csak Egyszer Voltam Boldog
27. Tárkány Muvek Nyisd Ki Babám
28. Tárkány Muvek Nehéz Nap Véget Ér