Jovanotti / Italia 1988-2012
Album: Italia 1988-2012   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist: Jovanotti   Added:Aug 2012
Label: Ato Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Aug 22, 2013: The Doldrummer
Con La Luce Negli Occhi
3. Aug 29, 2012: Your Imaginery Enemy
Con La Luce Negli Occhi
2. Sep 01, 2012: Bouge Mood
Con La Luce Negli Occhi
4. Aug 25, 2012: Bouge Mood
Con La Luce Negli Occhi

Album Review
Reviewed 2012-09-27
Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini / Italia 1988-2012/ATO
Although he is considered as Italy’s first “rapper”, this anthology of songs collected between 1988-2012 shouldn’t be considered as hip hop. The album has some acoustic songs and rock as well. All songs are in Italian with the exception of 3 which is in English and 7 in Spanish. My favorite song is 1 (by far). 2 is pretty jamming too. I had the cd signed by Jovanotti who was gracious with his on-air performance and interview with Sunshine for KZSU at our tent at Outside Lands. Per favore, Non vendere su ebay!!! NO FCC’s Tracks 1,2
1- 2:53*** Mid tempo. Gnawa type beat. Occasional drop of a bass with great vocals. AWESOME
2- 3:22** Up Tempo. Driving drums with fat bass line slick vocals almost chant style (call without response). nice driving rock guitar.
3- 2:44 Mellow. You shouldn’t hire a plumber to install your electricity. Stick to Italian. Cute chorus with female vocals.
4- 4:33 Mid to mellow. Pretty straight forward with acoustic strumming. not recommended.
5- 4:11* Upper tempo. Cool beat and bass line and nice rap vocals. Some harmonica around 1:18
6- 3:58 Acoustic guitar and vocals. Mid to up tempo. Flamenco feel with the strumming.
7- 4:06 Starts with cool woodwind section intro until :38. Then turns into up tempo surf-rock-ish tune
8- 3:20* mid tempo Hip hop jam done in a Spearhead-ish fashion. Clean beat.
9- 3:31 Up tempo indie rock tune.
10-1:51 Old school TR-808 beat. Old school rap.
11-2:48 mellow acoustic. pretty song. pretty hard to shed any tears when you can’t understand him.
12-4:29 not recommended (by me, anyway) song ends early
13-5:09 down tempo. didgeridoo and nature sounds intro then goes into hip hop beat and rap at 1:27

Track Listing
1. Con La Luce Negli Occhi   7. Salvame
2. Sulla Frontiera   8. Piove
3. New York For Life   9. Il Piu Grande Spettacolo Dopo Il Big Bang
4. Mi Fido Di Te   10. Scappa Con Me
5. Penelope   11. Mezzogiorno
6. La Porta E Aperta   12. Una Storia D'amore
  13. La Linea D'ombra