Various Artists / World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria, The
Album: World Ends: Afro Rock & Psychedelia In 1970s Nigeria, The   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Aug 2012
Label:Soundway Records  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2012-08-26
e World Ends – Afro-Rock & Psychedelia…
Reviewed by Sadie O., 8/26/12
Afro-Rock and Psychedelia from 1970’s Nigeria, just like it says. (For all I know, vocals are in several languages other than English, but I just put “Nigerian”…)
CD 1:
1. 3:51 **big drums and sort of OG beatboxing intro. Midtempo garage psychedelia with guitar and farfisa, pretty harmonies. Vocals in heavily accented English.
2. 5:29 **a bit uptempo, happy boppy, slightly funky psychedelia with prominent keyboards. Vocals in Nigerian.
3. 3:37 **midtempo relaxed funky soul, vocals in English. Rather banal lyrics redeemed completely by super-psychedelic guitar solo.
4. 3:43 **upbeat midtempo march (messily) trying to be East LA soul. Very stoned.
5. 3:39 **sweet downtempo and relaxed makossa groove, punchy farfisa and guitar. Vocals in Nigerian.
6. 3:30 ***uptempo, deeply funky, complex bassline, tight band. Vocals in mostly incomprehensible English. Very groovy.

7. 5:00 ****solo guitar intro, midtempo and bluesy. Reminds me of the Vanilla Fudge version of Season of the Witch. Vocals in English. Guitar gets GNARLY towards the end. Whew!
8. 3:27 ***uptempo 4/4 chugging groove with solo guitar and hand drums. FUNKY as mess. Vocals in English.
9. 4:19 **midtempo sashay with stuttering guitars, slight tinge of Isaac Hayes. Instrumental, noodly.
10. 6:39 ***midtempo funky strut, sounds like it was recorded in the shower (in a good way). Lyrics in Nigerian. Gnarly fuzz guitar solo.
11. 3:03 **uptempo, extremely messy and quite psychedelic. Seriously fuzzy guitar.
12. 4:43 ****upbeat, tingly and jingly, groovy keyboard and blatty horn. Ooh, also funky with gnarly jazzy horns and wah wah. Vocals in English. Crazy!
13. 3:52 ****aw, nice spoken intro in English. Shakers and flute and complex hand drums – then wild uptempo Psychedelic Funk! (I think they blew the speakers within the first minute…)
14. 3:40 ***uptempo yet relaxed funky sashay with prominent bass. Sort of a free-form jam, I think.
15. 5:26 **relaxed pop shuffle, but with profoundly psychedelic guitars. Sort of soft and mushy mix, though. Pretty vocals WAY up in front, interesting Nigerian language.
16. 4:15 **ponderous intro, uptempo funky stomp. Some interestingly grotty sounds, sort of on the Prog end of Psycho…
CD 2:
1. 5:27 ***uptempo garage psych – sounds kinda like the Count Five except in Nigerian and with more farfisa.
2. 2:59 **uptempo funky wiggle, vocals in Nigerian, nice farfisa and drums.
3. 4:49 ***smooth soul sway, beautiful female harmonies in English (see their CDs we have already)
4. 3:38 **uptempo soul strut, lyrics in English (I think!) (Not a cover of the familiar 60’s hit.)
5. 4:02 **rather uptempo, sort of free-jazzy, apparently recorded live, in English. Goes in all sorts of different directions….
6. 3:11 **upbeat funky strut, vocals in Nigerian, prominent keyboards.
7. 3:34 **upbeat, complex percussion, wah wah guitar, quite aggressive vocals in Nigerian. Psychedelic and pretty sloppy…
8. 2:53 ****midtempo, relaxed funky sashay, fuzz guitar, vocal harmonies in Nigerian. Excellent guitar noises.
9. 2:40 ***very rootsy chanted vocals, endearingly messy guitar jam. These people are stoned out of their MINDS.
10. 3:54 **midtempo funky strut, totally Joe Cool. Instrumental – pretty much all psychedelic guitar solo.
11. 3:09 ***midtempo funky bop, vocals in English. Wow! That’s a scream! Whew… good stuff!
12. 3:02 **unexpectedly mellow acoustic guitar – almost 60’s country-pop. Morphs into midtempo funky soul.
13. 4:45 ***slow keyboard intro, then midtempo with lots of percussion and farfisa. Check the bass – nice. Good fuzz guitar solo, too.
14. 3:48 ***dramatic farfisa intro, then midtempo sway, vocals in English. Rather sweet ballad-style music, given the lyrics.
15. 4:58 **truly odd spoken intro, complex fast African percussion. Bit of fuzz/wahwah guitar, lots of yells. Party time! Feels more of a real Afro-psych fusion that most tracks.
16. 3:01 ***very 60’s garage feel, midtempo hip wiggler, vocals in Nigerian, lots of farfisa (and pretty crap production, alas.)

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Action 13 Active Action
2. Identicals, The Akwa Kayi Ji Bia Nuwa
3. Bongos Ikwue All Night Long
4. Reme Izabebo's Music Research (Ayamayama) The Same Man
5. Thermometers, The Babalawo
6. Chuck Barrister And The Voices Of Darkness Be Kind, Be Foolish, Be Happy
7. Pro Blacky Joe
8. Funkees, The Breakthrough
9. Comrades, The Bullwalk
10. Elcados, The Chokoi & Oreje
11. Hykkers, The Deiyo Deiyo (Akpuwunlobi)
12. Foundars 15 Don't Take Me For A Ride
13. Ofo The Black Company Egwu Aja
14. Ceejebs Eti Ufok
15. Eppi Fanio Ikoko Ti Yio Jata (On Perseverance)
16. Ofege In Concert
17. Semi Colon, The Isi Agboncha
18. Actions, The Kpokposikposi
19. Lijadu Sisters, The Life's Gone Down Low
20. Lawrence Amavi Group Money That's What I Want
21. Mebusas, The Mr. Bull Dog (45 Version)
22. Sonny Okosuns And Paperback Limited Ohomi
23. Cicada Oli Nkwu
24. Strangers, The Onye Ije
25. Colomach Ottoto Shamoleda
26. Hygrades, The Rough Rider
27. Hygrades, The Somebody's Gonna Lose Or Win
28. Wrinkar Experience Soundway
29. Tony Grey And The Black 7 Ugbo Ndoma
30. Black Mirrors, The The World Ends
31. Tony Grey Super Yem Efe
32. Ify Jerry Krusade Nwantinti Die Die