Los Straitjackets / Jet Set
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Artist:Los Straitjackets   Added:Aug 2012
Label:Yep Roc Records  

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Album Review
Wallace Brontoon
Reviewed 2012-10-12
From Nashville, surf rock under a Mexican wrestling guise. These guys are always solid, but WOW, this is a helluva surf record; the best they've done, and the best surf record I've heard in years. Bandmember Danny Amis has returned to the band after fighting cancer for two years. All instro. Lot of different "feels" for each track. All FCC clean. All FANTASTIC. Seriously, it's great surf. What more do you want?

1 (2:34) **** Plingy guitar up front. Fast, spy show surf sound with bright brass, and a gunshot sound effect or two or five.
2 (2:23) * Sunny, bright guitar sound. Drums keep the energy up, and it gets even sunnier and chirpier by end.
3 (3:29) *** More of a Dick Dale strummy/Mariachi/middle-East surf vibe. Some ultra-quick solos-- fast! Sharp! Cool! (Goes on for a bit too long, though...)
4 (2:49) ** Sweet sounding mid-'60s frat rock vibe. Lazy and slow and cool.
5 (3:16) * Plunky chuggy melody out front. Slower, a bit thuddy, but the groove catches up with you, and it's all pretty intense.
6 (2:42) ** Quick and bright-- sunshine and organs, and syrupy melody-- an ultimate super-slick surf-pop package.
7 (3:34) ** Spooky singing saw! (Or is it a theremin?) Lazy swaying surf feel, cool and tropical.
8 (2:41) * Dorky strut, with some tubas hanging out in the background. Not quite surf, just super-sunny. Swingin' guitar solo!
9 (2:02) ** Drum-rolls and sharp-edged guitars! More on edge and freaked-out, due to insistent drums.
10 (2:48) ***** Thomping awesome soul stomper! Twisting twerping guitar set against this mashing backbeat! Awesome!
11 (2:14) *** Fast and flitty (mosquito-like, you see) guitar twiddling around. Surf here, bonkers and some wild effects.
12 (3:14) **** Hammond organ, and some smooth guitar. Loungey, syrupy in the best Herb Alpert-y way. And some back-up vox! "Ba-da-da..." So fucking swank!
13 (2:36) * Honking blues guitar and doom drumming. Schlocky late-'60s brit-lounge soul groove, for better or worse... 14 (1:31) ** Happy head-shaking surf-thrashing party, goes crazy and psyched out! 15 (2:01) Reflective and bittersweet guitar ballad, at half-speed.

-Hervey Okkles

Track Listing
1. Crime Scene   8. Walking Down 3rd Street
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah   9. Bobsleddin'
3. New Siberia   10. Wrong Way Inn
4. Aerostar   11. Space Mosquito
5. Brooklyn Slide   12. Sardinian Holiday
6. Jet Set   13. Mr Pink
7. Low Tide   14. Pop Rocks & Coke
  15. Fur Sophia