Various Artists / End Of Days
Album: End Of Days   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 2012
Label:20 Sided Records  

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What They Both Know, One, The, I Can See The Birds

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Sci-Fi Caper Broken Sleep
2. Slow Trucks I, You, We
3. Suicides, The T-Puss
4. Quiet Americans New Change
5. High Horse Awesomer
6. Wild Pack Of Canaries Emeralds
7. Saything Same Device, The
8. Hoot Hoots, The Empty Hands
9. Blank Tapes, The One, The
10. Ugly Winner Faces
11. Mosshead No Phone
12. Big Mittens Doth Contest
13. Future Space And Time True Natural
14. Palisades, The Skyline South
15. Smalls Label The Huns
16. Half A Mind One Hundred Percent
17. Hazel's Wart Future Paralysis
18. Eureka California Wigwam
19. Myth Ship Retarded Rodeo
20. Rosa Grande King Of Zombi
21. Fay Wrays, The Cars
22. San Joaquin Steamers Melvins Toast
23. Vows Solid Gold
24. Ash Reiter I've Got Something I Can Laugh About
25. Fpod Bpod I Can See The Birds
26. Li Xi Lonely Sun
27. Rubedo As Though Love Were Burning His Body
28. Cannons & Clouds Meridian
29. Trainwreck Riders What They Both Know
30. Sugar Candy Mountain Pepper
31. Pony Village Heart Failure
32. Cat From Hue, The Loose Ends
33. Pro Wings The Weight
34. Street Pyramids Prizmpulse I.V.
35. Upstrairs Downstairs Slit
36. Wild Kindness, The Above The Tramps
37. Excited States Into The World
38. One F Underlying Theme
39. Candysound Under Our Sleeve
40. Animal Eyes Goat Chasing
41. Former Friends Of Young Americans Planned History
42. Owl Paws Outlines
43. Speak Friend They Keep Calling Me