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Album Review
Reviewed 2013-03-29
Artist: Disastroid Album: Money and Guilt
Genre: Grunge, Stoner Rock
RIYL: Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Mudhoney, Melvins
[A reminiscence of 90s’ grunge] Recommended to those who like those classic grunge bands during the 90s, especially if you like Eddie Vedder (the vocal of this band, Enver Koneya, kind of reminds me of him). Salient components are huge guitar tone, heavy riffs, driving rhythms, melodic vocals, and the band’s brilliant control of change of mood, tempo, and metric modulation. An overall dark and mysterious mood while the feeling of urging force that appears in the album several times nearly makes you mosh.
FCC clean

*1. Fallout (3.03)- Album intro (no vox); Ominous soundscapes fade in; heavy/crusty bassline with atmospheric guitar; slightly gothic; mumbling vox; weird effects layered in the background; ends with excited+restless riffs that suggest the exploded next track
**2. Low (3.22)- bouncing riffs; the vox a little bit reminds me of Eddie Vedder; grungy; solid drumming; rough/rowdy; vox should’ve been stronger and more powerful, which would definitely make this track better; good control of tempo and mood change
3. Happy Channel (1.42)- pounding riffs worn-out vox; weird rhythm guitar riffs in the middle; Note: music stops abruptly in the end!
4. Eternal Home (4.36)- track is milder than previous tracks; sprawling riffs; slow-mid tempo, dark and gloomy mood; looping riffs in the middle; gothic/moody/frightened atmosphere near the end
**5. Gamera (2.13)- Driving intro; heavy drumming with mesmerizing vox; uses intermezzos of weird effects to create a more chaotic feeling to the track; disordered and wild; Note: Music stops abruptly in the end!
6. Money and Guilt (3.28)- Intro features crunchy guitar with washer+U.F.O sound effects, followed by bold vox of cry with lurking riffs in the background; Note: Music stops abruptly in the end!
**7. Room in My Head(4.58)- features bleak sound effects and riffs for the intro; nice atmospheric soundscape near the end that suits perfectly with Koneya’s whisper which wraps up the song
8. Sunshine (2.47)- relaxed and comfortable summer afternoon; a weird attempt to growl like death metal vocal near the middle; sprawling solo with unbalanced riffs; Note: Music stops abruptly in the end!

Track Listing
1. Fallout   5. Gamera
2. Low   6. Money And Guilt
3. Happy Channel   7. Room In My Head
4. Eternal Home   8. Sunshine