Lieberman, Steve / My Magic Last Days
Album: My Magic Last Days   Collection:General
Artist:Lieberman, Steve   Added:Feb 2013
Label:Jdub Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2013-02-21
Top notch Outsider Music that would stump even Sammy Franco or The Big Chief if they were still around: “The Gangsta Rabbi” drops us what hopefully wont be his swan song. Astoundingly prolific, Leiberman cranks out twisted takes on metal/punk/rock like most of us do turds each morning, that is if our turds were entertaining jewels of brilliance destined for college radio legend. Between past support of WFMU and good ol’ KZSU this guy has more cred than D. Boone’s skeletal remains. Okay, another bad metaphor cuz as it is good Steve is battling a terrible form of cancer as I type. But that hasn’t stopped his creativity. This release has an admittedly morose theme (cancer sucks). But if anything its given him an urgency unrivaled in his previous work. One-man-band-multitrack, his foremost instruments are flute and fuzz-bass, and his vocals are very strange, so things take on a sick Jethro Tull meets the Melvins speedballing meth and model airplane glue real quick. With lyrics that often drop Old Testament refs and pokes fun at/celebrates “jewish’ness”. Brilliant. Play with Wesley Willis, King Missile, Killdozer, Daniel Johnston. Choose tracks based solely on their titles! Stay with us Steve…

1) (5:52) doomy head nodding, “mourn for me like the prophet”
2) (3:38) silly upbeat almost surfy backbeat
3) (6:48) kinda cool disjunct messy beat, heaviness
4) (3:36) punky, upbeat, just weird enough
5) (3:28) kinda fun rockin singalong feel
6) (3:53) strange production, upbeat and almost slick?
7) (2:54) upbeat, about getting a lousy review (imagine)
8) (3:45) upbeat surfy fun
9) (3:22) more upbeat surfy fun “were all Derek jeter”
10) (3:00) dig the upbeat rockin fun
11) (6:49) electrobeat, seems upbeat but “I hate the state”
12) (2:26) fun weird tinny surfy punk
13) (3:41) head nodder beat, “the meat I eat”
14) (2:46) electrofun upbeat, wtf?!?!?!?
15) (4:20) Jorge posada bobblehead, midpaced swingier beat
16) (3:43) surfy beat, epic Steve great chorus “its hard to rock in the eastern bloc”
17) (3:53) is that a cowbell?
18) (4:52) starts with flute solo, so its different and sounds good, stripped apart sorta

Track Listing
1. Mourn For Me Like The Prophet   10. Puppy In A Cup
2. Crotch Rocket   11. I Hate The State
3. Hall' El   12. They Milked His Aorta La La La
4. My Last Blast   13. The Meat I Eat
5. Red Rubber Ball   14. Suzy Q's And Crack Whores
6. Apocalypse For Most   15. Jorge Posada Bobble Head
7. Keith Gave Me A Half-Star Review   16. It's Hard To Rock In The Eastern Bloc
8. I Wanna Be Clare Burson   17. I Hate The State Comptroller
9. We're All Derek Jeter   18. My Wiz Khalifa