Dub Gabriel / Raggabass
Album: Raggabass   Collection:Reggae
Artist:Dub Gabriel   Added:Mar 2013

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Recent Airplay
1. Aug 11, 2013: New World Disorder
No Lies (Liquid Stranger Tactile Evasion Remix)
3. Apr 23, 2013: Sunshine . . . on an (almost) Full Moon Afternoon!
Is This Revolution? (Jack Dangers Colonial Dub Remix)
2. May 22, 2013: Green Copper Radio
Vibes Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore
4. Mar 31, 2013: New World Disorder
Luv N' Liv ( Ming Vs. Subatomic Sound System Remix)

Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2013-03-22
Dub Gabriel – Raggabass
Reviewed by Sadie O., 3/22/13
Dub/Future Dub/Dubstep with an impressive lineup of guest vocalists (mostly toasters). I really love the remixes, but it’s all good. No FCCs that I heard.
1. 3:43 ***ponderous slow thumps and buzz, forceful but mostly hard to understand (patois) toast from Jahdan Blakkamore, as well as pleasant singing & harmonies.
2. 4:19 ***bouncy syncopation, buzzy fretless bass, jaunty monotonic toast by Juakali. Fun electronic whurrs and burbles.
3. 4:54 **underwater sounding electronic throbs, spoken word poetry by The Spaceape, quite understandable. Nice twinkly skank…
4. 3:38 ***funky little bopper – almost Nawlins Funk beat, nicely attitudinal toast from Warrior Queen & Dr. Israel.
5. 2:44 ***groovy rock ‘n’ roll wiggle with weebles, toast by Brother Culture.
6. 4:05 **mostly drum and bass funky riddim, MC Zulu’s distincting toasting. (Rather suggestive lyrics)
7. 4:38 **pretty Arabesque instrumentation and exhortation in Spanish intro. Very slow one drop with various noises, Dr. Israel and Pedro toast and rant.
8. 3:14 ****classic relaxed bubble riddim with electronic overlay (nice) PJ Higgins (female) toast. Nice.
9. 5:36 ***squeebly electronics, slow relaxed slinky groove, U-Roy’s cool toasting. Gets REALLY psych.
10. 5:25 ***UFO squeeps, news broadcast intro, remix of track 3 with more emphasis on percussion. Nice funky groove.
11. 6:03 *****squeebles, echoes, scratches… remix of track 6 with a lot more electronic and very sparse beat. Goes DEEEEEEPLY DUUUUBBBSTEP after a minute. God, I fucking love Dubstep…
12. 4:41 ****remix of track 9, way groovy classic skank, very danceable.
13. 4:01 ****another remix of track 9, slower, with lots more electronics and effects. Swingy and nice, with some Dubstep thrown in. yippee!
14. 3:43 ****remix of track 4, funky bounce with gronchy stuff. Nicely remixed vocals. Teeny bit of cumbia percussion at end.
15. 4:37 ***(another) remix of track 6, slow classic skank, heavily processed, including bits that sound like 80’s Euro-electronica mated with dubstep.

Track Listing
1. Vibes Feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore   8. Silent Warrior Feat. P.J. Higgins
2. Take You Back Feat. Juakali   9. Luv N' Liv Feat. U-Roy
3. Is This Revolution? Feat. The Spaceape   10. Is This Revolution? (Jack Dangers Colonial Dub Remix)
4. My Gun Feat. Warrior Queen & Dr. Israel   11. No Lies (Liquid Stranger Tactile Evasion Remix)
5. Nearly There Feat. Brother Culture   12. Luv N' Liv (Dub Gabriel None Shall Escape The Dub Mix)
6. No Lies Feat. Mc Zulu   13. Luv N' Liv ( Ming Vs. Subatomic Sound System Remix)
7. Draw The Line Feat. Dr. Israel & Pedro Erazo   14. My Gun (Shotnez Remix)
  15. No Lies (Artroniks Remix)